more lost treasures

22 01 2016

below are more recreated backgrounds, as far as I know the originals don’t exist anymore in the disney archives. in case you are interested in those recreated treasures, I posted a lot more in the past.

1948 so dear to my heartso dear to my heart 025

1945 tiger troubletiger trouble comp A

1936 three little wolves3 little wolves A

1938 farmyard symphonyfarmyard symphony A

1938 the fox huntfox hunt

1939 donald’s lucky dayD.lucky day comp 1

1946 casey at the batcasey at the bat PAN

1936 three little wolves3 little wolves B

1940 fantasia-pastoral symphonyfantasia comp BEET aa

1935 music landmusic land pan BB229

1954 the vanishing prairie-openingopening vanishing prairie blog

1948 so dear to my heartso dear BB 047

1936 elmer elephantelmer comp A

1947 fun and fancy free-bongofun+fancy comp a

1948 bumble boogiebumble boogie B

1939 practical pigpractical pig

1939 donald’s cousin gusdon.cousin gus

1940 tugboat mickeytugboat AA

1935 who killed cock robinwho killed cock robin

© disney enterprises, inc




6 responses

23 01 2016
Costume Trunk

Thank you. I love the vintage watercolor backgrounds. I just acquired a 1939 pan background from “Donald’s Penguin” for my own collection.

23 01 2016

Incredible. Just incredible. This is true art – should be hanging in a museum somewhere.

23 01 2016

Beautiful “clair -obscur” on number 5 (the castle)
Mary Blair’s Art is my favourite (and the most imitated today)

25 01 2016

These are beautiful, thanks for sharing! Particularly love Fantasia Pastoral Symphony piece

4 02 2016

Sorry to not know the background on these wonderful works but when you say they ‘recreated’ what does that mean?
Thank you.

from hans –
recreated means, that I stitched them together using dozens of screen captures from good quality DVD’s. that way you can
eliminate with some experience the characters within one scene and get as a result the background in its full size the
way it looked during the production. most of the backgrounds that I recreate don’t exist anymore. one of the reasons is that they were destroyed after the film was shot, like in BAMBI. because they were painted on glass what had to be reused.

5 02 2016

Ahhh – makes sense now, thanks for that clarification. So much work involved for you – I really appreciate your knowledge and dedication.

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