disney in space 4

5 02 2016

mars+beyond B1

mars+beyond B2

mars+beyond B3

mars+beyond B4

© disney enterprises, inc



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9 02 2016

UPA style, much more interesting than the Disney style today

9 02 2016

‘Mars and Beyond’. – I love this earliervsequence, as a small boy in the 60s I was enthralled by not only the imaginative animations but by the stories that are cleverly mixed with humor and wit – found it online a while ago on YouTube…https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iEg7dF5rg8Y
Very clever sequencing and flow – yes, the first parts are the more angular and humorous UPA style but part of the fascination for me as a child was seeing the style change into the gorgeous light and shade renderings in the more scientific explanations in the latter parts.

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