balto’s dream

14 02 2016

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for the designs below I got my inspiration from INUIT ART, the art of the alaskan natives. at one point during the preproduction of BALTO there were ideas of balto having a dream. this chance to add a different style and a bit of art into the film was very exciting – but, it was given up soon. maybe I am the only one who would like to see something else than action and operetta…

bazlto 4674

balto 4673

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3 responses

16 02 2016
Ernesto Melo

Extraordinary, Hans!
It’s great to keep seeing your creations and your ever magistral research such as the Johnny appleseed and Once upon a wintertime pencil layouts and recreated backgrounds.

from hans –
thank you, ernesto. hope you are well, haven’t talked to you for a while.

25 11 2020

Stunning and mesmerizing drawings. I genuinely say that this dream scene would become my favourite in the entire film (along with the magnificent white wolf scene, of course).Can you tell about this scene? Was it just a random idea with visual esthetics or this scene had some point and could develop the character? Was it just the one Balto’s beautiful dream or it was somehow related to him (his inner thoughts or past)? What was the core of this sequence?

from hans –
I would compare it with the pink elephant parade in DUMBO, what did not necessarily transport the story. but it was a perfect break, stylistically and its own musical piece. of course we would have used elements of balto’s past, his fears and joys. but at first I just wanted to throw in a new idea, and if approved from that we would have developed it further.

26 11 2020

I think this dream sequence could have been a great breakthrough in animation.

Can you give an impression about Balto’s past? The film itself doesn’t give any information, mostly an impression that Balto kinda lived in Nome since he was a pup (or even was born in Nome) and never lived among the wolves, and that Boris is a friend and father figure for him.

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