balto’s dream

14 02 2016

style header

for the designs below I got my inspiration from INUIT ART, the art of the alaskan natives. at one point during the preproduction of BALTO there were ideas of balto having a dream. this chance to add a different style and a bit of art into the film was very exciting – but, it was given up soon. maybe I am the only one who would like to see something else than action and operetta…

bazlto 4674

balto 4673

© universal / amblin




One response

16 02 2016
Ernesto Melo

Extraordinary, Hans!
It’s great to keep seeing your creations and your ever magistral research such as the Johnny appleseed and Once upon a wintertime pencil layouts and recreated backgrounds.

from hans –
thank you, ernesto. hope you are well, haven’t talked to you for a while.

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