comparison 8

18 02 2016

comparison A blog

rough small sketches in black/white like the following were done to define the value range, the light and shadow, as well as the staging of the animation in the scene. this is from the disney animated feature BAMBI in 1940. later that step was part of the WORKBOOK, the translation of the storyboard into ‘film-language’, where every single scene is prepared in staging, size and camera movements, as well as rough indication of light/shadow and a floorplan, to go from there into layout and later into the background department. during BAMBI that process was more simplified, because every major sequence had an own art director, who was the one defining these staging sketches, as well as the color script for that sequence. they supervised every single step during production, in a way they were ‘directing’ the visuals behind the animation. you can see little differences in handling the staging in this film. for example the climax of the film, the shooting of bambi and the fire was art-directed by john hubley, a master in cinematography. you get an idea when you look at his personal work later in new york.


here you can compare the initial rough planning of that scene and the final result…


bambi sc.40 DD0069

look at the little blue thumbnail on top, it is the rough for the next shot, the reverse camera angle…


bambi 0069 rev.39

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