recreated animated treasures 1

2 10 2016

now that I got most of my favorite animated films in blu-ray I realized with pain I probably have to redo most of my recreated backgrounds. they were all done with screen captures from DVD’s. you can see in the recreated BG from disney’s SLEEPING BEAUTY below the big difference, so much more detail and it nearly looks like the original artwork in front of you. blu-ray even reveals sloppy jobs or painting mistakes once in a while. this forest BG might not exist like that in the disney archives, because it was painted in 3 different layers, a masterpiece! I am sure it was painted by EYVIND EARLE himself.


© disney enterprises, inc




4 responses

3 10 2016
Kathleen Bieck

Thank you Hans!

It’s exquisite! Hope you are happy and well and painting.

Kathleen Bieck

from hans –
let’s talk per e-mail…

4 10 2016

I seem to remember arguing for bluray backgrounds here a few years ago, and was told by everyone that the DVD versions are superior.

Looks great, can’t wait to see more.

9 10 2016

splendor in the grass…

8 01 2017

This is so pretty, could you upload some more? please 🙂

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