study 51117

11 05 2017




One response

12 05 2017
Kathleen Bieck

You’re brilliant!!! This is SO good but I hope you won’t mind a small critique? Try darkening the lightest half tones on the shadow side to match the darkest tone on your light side… Kathleen

from hans –
dear kathy, no, I am not brilliant. there are other geniusses, look around. anyway – but thank you for your comments, nobody else leaves any…
usually I don’t defend my work, only in this case, what you propose is not working, since the left side is defined by an independent lightsource and has valuewise nothing to do with the right side. I could have chosen a bright nearly white light, what would be possible as a strong white light close to the face. don’t misunderstand my defense, I really value your opinion, I always did. and please – leave more comments. it’s so boring posting stuff and realizing nobody cares.

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