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18 10 2017

since my new book will go into printing in about 2 weeks I want to give you some more information about it. the title is VISION – COLOR AND COMPOSITION FOR FILM. my co-author is SANATAN SURYAVANSHI, will soon tell you some more about him. my first plans for a book about film-design go back about 10 years, after the publication of DREAM WORLDS. during all my lectures I realized there was a need for some guide where to start with the design process in films, and to explain more about the VISUAL LANGUAGE.

after I had met sanathan in 2010 we discussed the idea to work together on this book, because it seemed to be a bit overwhelming. it was a lot of fun, extremely difficult and time consuming. until now the book was over seven years in the making. we did probably one third of the book twice, reworked chapters, threw complete sections out and developed new ideas. for me, and I guess for san as well, it was like going to school again. I learned a lot, and of course it helped to improve my lectures at the university immense. since I concentrated mostly on the illustrations after a while – there a over 700 in the book – I needed to develop a style for the illustrations that would fit the content and was not overloaded with realistic detail.

another problem that had to be solved was the layout of the book, we did not want to make the mistake of most books I remembered from school, where the huge amount of text and a boring layout was not inviting you to start and work with it. I wanted the book to look like a magazine, where you could search for interesting spots and get hooked to read more.

I probably created about 100 test pages, where I experimented with different combinations of typography and images. some of those ideas went into the final book layout. because I learned so much about all different aspects over these years I went back and forth changing many pages. you will probably feel that evolving process when you look at the book, what makes it a real text-book – I learned from it as well.

following are some of those test pages to give you an idea

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3 responses

18 10 2017
Greg Swayne

Where can I purchase a copy of your book? I’m a fan of your work.
from hans –
thank you, greg, as far as I know it is already on amazon, but otherwise it will be in bookstores from april/may next year on
selling price I think about 48 $US

30 10 2017
Susanne Iles

This is very exciting work! I am looking forward to the new book 🙂 Thank you for the continuing inspiration!

18 11 2017

I can’t wait for the release of this! Excited! Thank you for imparting your design know-how through your books. 🙂

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