older inspiration 4

8 05 2018

maybe someone can help me, I could never figure out who the illustrator was. the style reminds me of some of the 50s commercials in the U.S.




2 responses

8 05 2018

I did a Google image search for the lower left image and it pulled up this: https://bookshelffantasies.com/2017/03/17/blast-from-the-past-rediscovering-a-childhood-favorite/

According to that page, it was done by Abner Graboff. There’s a great blog post full of other illustrations here: https://fishinkblog.com/2012/05/28/abner-graboff-quirky-childrens-illustrator/

from hans –
wow! thank you so much for the links. so ABNER GRABOFF was the genius. either he was connected in the fifties to the
advertising commercial world or they borrowed from him big time. it looks to me that he is the one who invented a
completely new style for an era. I am sure even john hubley knew him, not to talk about the sesame street guys.

8 05 2018

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