14 05 2018

it took forever! now, tomorrow, VISION will be officially available worldwide.



3 responses

14 05 2018
Lisa Berger

🙂 Bravo, Hans! Ich wünsche dir viel Erfog mit deinem neuen Buch. Lieben Gruß, Lisa

from hans –
danke, lisa

14 05 2018


17 12 2018
Janne Hermanni Korsumäki

from hans –
thank you for your kind comments, I am glad you like the books. well, let’s hope there will be the right
documentation about all the films of the past and their master-designers.

The book looks awesome, just ordered my copy! I’ve been a huge fan of your other book Dream Worlds. Also your work in general has been a big inspiration for a long time. I’ve been teaching a bit on layout and background design for animation students in Finland and I’ve given your book to them as a very good reference.
Thank you also so much for taking the time to do this website! It’s truly a treasure chest of animation art that one would never find otherwise. For example a delight for me as a fan of the often panned “The Black Cauldron” was to see artwork from it and read the stories. It’s just is tooo rarely seen ie. the works of Mel Shaw and Mike Ploog on that film. A proper Art Of -book on that one is long over-due…but I guess it’ll never happen.

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