german illustration 1.0

20 11 2018

over the last close to 60 years I was able to put together a huge collection of movies, books and magazines. most about the themes film, animation, illustration photography and classic art. whenever I moved to another part in the world I had to reduce the masses of boxes with that collection. that resulted in throwing a lot away and cutting most of the magazines into pieces. especially from the early fifties and sixties I have only cutout-illustrations and photographs left. 

since there is no publication about that period of time in illustration this cutout archives is priceless and I look at it as a treasure. even as a little boy I was fascinated by that art and it probably was one of the reasons why I became an illustrator as well.

I don’t think I will have the oportunity to publish a book with all these treasures, but I can make them available to whoever is interested here on my blog. 

in most cases I have the names of these illustrators, but I don’t know anything about them. it is nearly impossible to find some more information through the internet. please be so kind and let me know if you know more about one of them.

nearly all these children novel illustrations were published within the german weekly magazine STERN, where a smaller 8 page children edition STERNchen was included. even WILHELM M.BUSCH contributed illustrations for that ‘mini’-magazine. my favorite artist at that time was DIETER LANGE, he started in 1955 probably right after his artschool to illustrate for the magazine, and he continued until the eighties with illustrations for adult novel series.

here are a few covers of that ‘mini’ magazine…

the following illustrations were all created by DIETER LANGE in the early sixties…

see also my earlier post STERNchen

all images © STERNchen + Dieter Lange



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