remembering Richard Williams 2

26 08 2019

the awards in the soho studio

with art babbitt and emery hawkins on RAGGEDY ANN AND ANDY

with ken harris

animating on ROGER RABBIT test

DICK’S SIX sunday brunch in hotel brittannia london

with roy naisbitt and ken harris

brainstorming on NASRUDDIN

with vincent price

in front of his house in hampstead

the soho studio staircase with awards

with ursula andress on CASINO ROYALE

with vincent price

with vincent price, the voice of the grand visier in NASRUDDIN

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remembering Richard Williams 1

19 08 2019

all the following pictures are from the 70s and 80s, from my personal photo collection and from the british KEY PROFILES publication in 1972. RICHARD WILLIAMS had received his first academy award for THE CHRISTMAS CAROL and his studio at 13 soho square in london with a staff between 25 and 40 produced hundreds of animated commercials. he had started as well animation on his personal animated feature film, titled NASRUDDIN at that time, later THE COBBLER AND THE THIEF. he had invited the best animators around at that time to his studio to teach and contribute animation to his feature film, like ART BABBIT and KEN HARRIS. even richard williams’ most admired animator, MILT KAHL, visited the studio, as well as GRIM NATWICK. a lot of the animators and ‘students’ in his studio of that time would later have their own very successful studios, like RICHARD PURDUM. the RICHARD WILLIAMS STUDIO became the center for the best animation at that time.

1972 guest lecturer at cal arts

1973 academy award for best animated short subject

art babbitt lectures

1985 animating on a commercial

lectures in 1972

short love me, love me, love me

NY animation film festival 1972 with nick bosustow and raoul servais

work on casino royale titles with writer frank buxton and woody allen

1985 in duesseldorf

work on the return of the pink panther titles

with empress farah pahlavi at the tehran film festival 1975

charge of the light brigade titles

return of the pink panther titles

running through soho square

short the sailor and the devil, all artwork burned in a fire on the top floor of dick’s studio, after the film was finished

the STUDIO – 13 soho square

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Richard Williams (March 19, 1933 – August 16, 2019)

18 08 2019

this is very sad news. RICHARD WILLIAMS died friday, age 86.
he was my mentor and good friend. I will never forget the time with him and his many funny stories. in the eighties he had 2 studios, one in london, 13 soho square, and one in los angeles on cahuenga blvd not too far away from the hanna barbera studio. beginning of the eighties I went together with andreas deja several times to london, visited his studio. but he was unfortunately always in L.A.
then in 1985 I recommended him to an advertising agency in duesseldorf to do the animation for a commercial that I had designed. he came immediately to duesseldorf because he remembered my many unsuccessful visits to his london studio. and from then on our friendship and collaboration started. for a while I worked with him in london on commercials, or he came to duesseldorf where he xeroxed my complete disney animation archives. his wife, mo sutton, came with him. then during work on ROGER RABBIT I attended many times sundays the brunch music sessions in hotel britannia, with his dixieland band DICK’S SIX.
he taught me everything about animation, gave me all his animated commercials to study, and – the most precious gift, copies of his personal notes of the ART BABBITT animation lectures, 1000 pages. he introduced me to ART BABBIT and KEN HARRIS, and to STEVEN SPIELBERG, ROBERT WATTS and DON HAHN, what started my new future in feature animation. I am so grateful to all his help and advice, and that I was able to spend time with one of the greatest animators of our time. I will miss you, dick

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18 08 2019

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17 08 2019

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16 08 2019

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15 08 2019

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