animation world history

15 09 2019

GIANNALBERTO BENDAZZI, the most prolific animated film historian, was teaching together with me and ISHU PATEL in singapore, at NANYANG TECHNOLOGICAL UNIVERSITY, school for art, design and media. it was a good time – we were the ‘dinosaurs’ within the big group of professors from all over the world. there were many happy moments with the 3 of us bitching about the old days, oh well!
giannalberto had finished his ‘monster’- animation world history book, that was supposed to be published in 3 volumes, over 1.000 pages in total. FOCAL-press was the publisher. he wanted me to design the cover, of course I was more than happy to do this. what an honor.
the first design with recognizable shadows of the most famous cartoon characters on a prehistoric cave wall was rejected, for copyright reasons. ok.
giannalberto was already depressed. he liked the cover a lot. I gave it another try, you see the design below – on the left! that one was denied again. it was too cartoony – well…
giannalberto gave up. we left it up to the publisher to come up with a better design. and the final already published look is the one on the right below.
I was experiencing these kind of blows a lot during my career, when morons with no taste or connection to the arts take over. today I am just smiling…

© focal press
© bilderfabrik



One response

15 09 2019

Congratulations, Hans. We both moved to new countries at the same time!

And I’m moving again, this time to Toronto. I move on the 23rd. It’s an artists co op, something I’ve wanted to live in since I was a kid.
So if you are in Canada please come and visit.
Here is the new address. You can reach me more easily at; this one is more for orders, et cetera.

again, congratulations on the lovely books.

Nancy Beiman[cid:47c0a269-7e24-4ad8-a5ee-717fcf2f13b9]

from hans –
thank you, nancy. then I wish you ‘happy moving’. sounds very interesting!

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