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27 08 2021

I will not post anything on wordpress anymore, and the complete blog will be deleted by june 2022. all those ridiculous new changes in the post creating and editing area make me sick and tired. what was a good place for publishing when I started in september 2008 has turned into the worst. but, aren’t we used to that? anyway, I wish those wordpress morons good luck for their screwed future – but without me.

hans bacher




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27 08 2021
Lorna Sun

I will be one of those who will be very sad if all the posts in this blog will be deleted. Our staff and students benefited a lot from your blog Hans. I find this a very useful treasure reservoir of knowledge.
from hans –
hi lorna, I can only recommend to use the time and download everything

27 08 2021
Michael Endres

Hello Hans. Thanks for the heads up. I understand your frustration about WordPress. Perhaps you could enable a pdf Download option for interested people to download your legacy….it would be horrible to lose all the info you collected for future creators. Anyways thanks a lot for your efforts ond generosity to share all this info. You kept me dreaming about my dream job. All the best from Germany.

27 08 2021

Hello. It’s sad to read about it. I will miss every page of your blog and every word you write.
My best wishes from Russia!

27 08 2021
Andrew Doris

Hi Hans, is there any chance you’d continue this blog on some other platform?

27 08 2021

Oh my! Please don’t just delete this legacy of yours. This blog is such a big inspiration and treasure to people, especially artists, around the world!

27 08 2021
Theo Kerp

Schade Hans, ich mochte deine großen Sammlungen!
Tschüß! Mach es gut!

27 08 2021

Thank you for the sigle most useful and eclectic animation art reference on the web. A PDF download option would be something I would happily pay for…logs of us have all your books and what you curate here has been fascinating

28 08 2021
Paul richter

Hello, is there any way you can make a post of some kind that has an entire archive of the art posted on your site? If not then I fear the drawings you posted of Dieter lange, and many of the private collection wilhelm busch drawings you posted might disappear off the internet.
I’ll do what I can to save images manually, but saving them one by one, even going so far to save one by one a lot of the drawings on your blog is going to be an undertaking in of itself.
I hope you can find it within yourself to make an archive of the website, or at least post an archive on a file hosting site like dropbox or mega.

– Paul

30 08 2021

Oh my, what a pity! I’d be also one of those who’d happily pay for a pdf download!
Would you continue your posts on another Platform?
Thank you for the enlightenment you brought us and the amazing pictures!

28 08 2021

thank you for your more than generous offering of work, knowledge, and expertise over the years. (close to 1300 posts since 2008! wow!) i definitely understand the frustration with ‘updates’ that make everything worse and more cumbersome, just to add a couple more faddish checkboxes to the feature list. i don’t think there exists a better word for it than ‘verschlimmbessern.’ it’s especially bad when that nonsense ends up costing something valuable, like your blog.

for posterity’s sake, i did pull some of the metadata for all the blog posts and ran a script to check which posts had a snapshot at, and made it save one for the posts that hadn’t. so hopefully, all posts should be available in some form over there.

i’m also considering to scrape a backup of all the posts with their images and comments, probably in rather simple and unstyled html. we’ll see where that could be uploaded – it might exceed what’s allowed at github.

28 08 2021
Lucas Nine

Dear Hans, please consider at least to leave the art you have posting here. This is a sort of digital museum, unique in this kind. This, of course, unless those new rules applied by the digital moguls include immediate posesion of your soul and such… you never know.
I figured digital networks as a sort of mirror of the real world, maybe a distorted one, but particularly useful in the field of art, just as reference. Just think the time we needed to gather all this stuff in the past. By now I assumed this was naive of my part, even in art, even as references. Now it seems the simulacra had taken over. This should explain the new arrogance of the mirror’s master.

28 08 2021
Arly Jones

Muchas gracias Hans por toda la inspiración de este blog, ojalá sea posible continuarlo.
Un saludo.

2 09 2021

I agree with the others that it would be very sad to lose the contents of this blog. there are still many entries I haven’t seen and lots of wonderful art to discover!

3 09 2021

What a pity mr. Bacher to lose your excellent blog!
I hope there is a way you can continue your work online because it is a great inspiration!
With kind regards,

5 09 2021
Teoh Yi Chie

Maybe you can port everything over to Blogger instead.

And don’t delete this blog. You would have wasted years of effort. The blog posts are still valuable.

15 09 2021
"Muhammad at-Tayieb" al-Hyari

Thanks for the inspiration you’ve ignited and the knowledge you shared throughout the years.

It’s sad to see this blog die. I wish you continue online, somewhere else.

27 09 2021

Hope you’re doing well old friend. Life is short and it’s lessons hard earned. Though we can only bring with us into eternity the love we shared. Thanks so much for the love you shared. Sending Best Wishes and Blessings. J

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