wilhelm m.busch 26

21 01 2012

1980 WILHELM M.BUSCH illustrated GUSTAV HILLARD’S novel DER SMARAGD. with these ‘jewels’ I wish all my chinese friends a happy NEW YEAR of the dragon, kung hei fat choi!

© wilhelm m.busch / h.christians verlag hamburg

wilhelm m.busch 25

19 12 2011

some more selected artwork created by WILHELM M.BUSCH over a span of about forty years, that shows his incredible versatility in all different techniques – watercolor and etching, simple ballpointpen, pencil and rendered pen+ink. and they look so effortless done, just written down…

© wilhelm m.busch

wilhelm m.busch 24

5 11 2011

another selection of mostly older artwork created by WILHELM M.BUSCH

© wilhelm m.busch

wilhelm m.busch 23

30 09 2011

WILHELM M.BUSCH created the illustrations below between 1961 and 1967. I selected some of my favorite drawings from an exhibition catalogue to show you a bit more detail in a much higher resolution. the technique he used was pencil, pen and ink and ballpointpen.

© wilhelm m.busch

wilhelm m.busch 22

3 09 2011

the well known american writer HENRY MILLER wrote the touching short novel THE SMILE AT THE FOOT OF THE LADDER in 1948. miller was originally inspired by a series of circus- and clown-drawings by the cubist painter FERNAND LEGER. in 1961 WILHELM M.BUSCH illustrated the german edition DAS LAECHELN AM FUSSE DER LEITER published by rowohlt verlag. I think these drawings are some of the best BUSCH created, maybe because he loved the circus so much and spent a lot of time there sketching the clowns and other circus scenes. below a selection

© wilhelm m.busch / rowohlt verlag

wilhelm m.busch 21

14 08 2011

HERMANN LOENS, 1866 – 1914, is well known in germany for his novels and poems about the people and nature of northern germany. in the mid sixties WILHELM M.BUSCH illustrated a collection of his nature and hunting novels AUF HEIMLICHER PIRSCH. below a selection of the beautiful pen and ink illustrations.

© wilhelm m.busch

wilhelm m.busch 20

7 08 2011

below is a selection of illustrations WILHELM M.BUSCH created in 1941 for the LEO NIKOLAYEVICH TOLSTOY novel – DER SILBERNE FUERST (knjaz sserebrjanyi).

© wilhelm m.busch / c.dressler verlag, berlin

wilhelm m.busch 19

31 07 2011

the following reproductions were taken from KUENSTLER-MONOGRAPHIEN VOL.1 WILHELM M.BUSCH, 1983, edition curt visel. busch is in the photo during his class at the hochschule fuer gestaltung hamburg, the pencil illustrations were done for a german magazine in 1952. the last two ballpoint-pen drawings for GOETHE’S – DAS TAGEBUCH ( the diary ) 1969 – show how busch worked, a rough red and blue-line sketch with a cleaner black-line on top.

© wilhelm m.busch

wilhelm m.busch 18

10 07 2011

the following illustrations were created by WILHELM M.BUSCH in 1964 for HEINRICH BOELL’S satirical novel collection DOKTOR MURKES GESAMMELTES SCHWEIGEN.

© wilhelm m.busch / verlag kieperheuer & witsch koeln + berlin
a big THANK YOU to christoph heuer and one of his students, viktoria lazareva, for the reproductions

wilhelm m.busch 17

15 05 2011

the following pen+ink drawings were created by WILHELM M.BUSCH for the novel collection INGELHILD written by ALFRED LUECK in 1948. when you compare these early published illustrations with the ones BUSCH did later in the sixties you will see a big difference in style. his earlier work looks much more like woodcuts, what he actually studied at the art-academy in berlin. his later work is much lighter, even in the composition of the characters and the choices of backgrounds. but nevertheless his older work is beautiful as well.

© wilhelm m.busch / jung-stilling verlag kreuztal

wilhelm m.busch 16

17 03 2011

in 1961 WILHELM M.BUSCH created 37 pen+ink drawings for the HUNDT-publishing house in hattingen, germany for the GUY DE MAUPASSANT novel BEL AMI. following is a selection

© wilhelm m.busch / hundt verlag

wilhelm m.busch 15

17 12 2010

WILHELM M.BUSCH illustrated in 1965 the novel MEMOIRS OF A MADMAN, written by one of the greatest western novelists GUSTAVE FLAUBERT ( 1821 – 1880 ). the book was published by heinrich ellermann verlag, hamburg. different from busch’s usual ballpoint-pen drawings, these illustrations are pen and ink.

© wilhelm m.busch / heinrich ellermann verlag

wilhelm m.busch 14

31 10 2010

the famous french writer EMILE ZOLA wrote a twenty-volume series – LES ROUGON-MACQUART, L’ASSOMMOIR was the seventh novel published 1877. with merciless detail ZOLA creates an overwhelming dark painting and an uncompromising study of alcoholism and poverty in the working-class districts of paris in the late 1900s. the title refers to a shop selling cheap liquor distilled on the premises. there is no english translation for this title, that’s why several related titles like THE GIN PALACE, THE DRUNKARD or even in german DER TOTSCHLAEGER ( the killer ) were published. the following masterfull illustrations are from WILHELM M.BUSCH, published 1975 in the BERTELSMANN edition, ballpoint pen on paper.

© wilhelm m.busch / bertelsmann reinhard mohn verlag

wilhelm m.busch 13

28 08 2010

in 1948 WILHELM M.BUSCH illustrated this collection of fairy tales about a ghost from the mountain region in eastern germany.

© wilhelm m.busch / ensslin verlag reutlingen

wilhelm m.busch 12

12 08 2010

these illustrations created by WILHELM M.BUSCH are from the book RUSSISCHE MAERCHEN, published in the sixties by OLDE HANSEN VERLAG, hamburg and BERTELSMANN REINHARD MOHN VERLAG, guetersloh, germany.

© wilhelm m.busch / olde hansen verlag / bertelsmann verlag

wilhelm m.busch 11

27 07 2010

WILHELM M.BUSCH illustrated GIACOMO CASANOVA’S MEMOIRS in 1965. the technique – ballpoint pen with watered black ink. little masterpieces!

© wilhelm m.busch / bertelsmann publishing

wilhelm m.busch 10

18 06 2010

1974 WILHELM M.BUSCH illustrated EMILE ZOLA’SLA FORTUNE DES ROUGON ( THE FORTUNE OF THE ROUGON FAMILY ), written in 1871 and the first novel in EMILE ZOLA’S monumental twenty-volume series LES ROUGON-MAQUART. busch used a ballpoint pen for the illustrations and added some watered ink for grey shades. below is a selection.

© wilhelm m.busch / bertelsmann verlag, 1974, ‘das glueck der familie rougon’

wilhelm m.busch 9

14 05 2010

DER VERZAUBERTE WANDERER ( the enchanted wanderer, 1873 ) written by NIOKOLAI LJESKOW, was illustrated by WILHELM M.BUSCH in 1957 for the DEUTSCHE HAUSBUECHEREI edition. I selected some of the illustrations.

© wilhelm m.busch / deutsche hausbuecherei publ. hamburg

wilhelm m.busch 8

24 04 2010

in 1962 the german ROWOHLT verlag in hamburg published the german translation of HARPER LEE’STO KILL A MOCKINGBIRD, WER DIE NACHTIGALL STOERT. the stunning illustrations in the 1963 edition of the DEUTSCHE BUCHGEMEINSCHAFT VERLAG were done by WILHELM M.BUSCH. here is a selection.

© wilhelm m.busch / deutsche buchgemeinschaft verlag

wilhelm m.busch 7

13 04 2010

in 1961 WILHELM M.BUSCH illustrated the JACQUES CAZOTTE novel – BIONDETTA, DER VERLIEBTE TEUFEL (le diable amoureux/the devil in love). the book was published by ERICH HOFFMANN VERLAG HEIDENHEIM. below is a selection of the black/white fountain pen drawings.

© wilhelm m.busch/erich hoffmann verlag

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The Hidden History of Oz

Discover the Secrets of an Enchanted World


WordPress.com is the best place for your personal blog or business site.