dragon abstract

4 11 2015


during the production of disney’s MULAN I designed a t-shirt motif, mushu and abstract art. it might have been too abstract, was never done.

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disney in space 2

1 11 2015

man in space celebrities 2

here are the makers of the programm, in case you recognize more. let me know…

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disney in space 1

28 10 2015

style header

below are compilations of for disney standards very stylized scenes from three specials produced for the DISNEYLAND TV-series – march 1955 MAN IN SPACE, dec.1955 MAN AND THE MOON, and april 1957 MARS AND BEYOND. they were all directed by WARD KIMBALL, you can see the other credits in the first comp. the prophetic and as we know now pretty accurate view of space exploration was explained by the scientists PROF.HEINZ HABER and WERNHER VON BRAUN. I will have more soon, scenes from the cartoony segments of the shows.

man in space+ 0
man in space+ 1
man in space+ 2
man in space+ 3
man in space+ 4
man in space+ 5
man in space+ 6

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gulliver’s travels 2

18 07 2015

here now some of my favorite scenes from GULLIVER’S TRAVELS

gulliver comp 1

gulliver comp 4

gulliver comp 3

gulliver comp 2

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gulliver’s travels 1

16 07 2015

it took me forever to find a decent print of this beautiful film. here now my first recreated background from the 1939 released animated feature GULLIVER’S TRAVELS, directed by DAVE FLEISCHER and produced by his brother MAX FLEISCHER in miami, florida.

gulliver PAN 316

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4 07 2015

the following scenes from one of my favorite disney classic 101 DALMATIANS from 1961 show how far the artists in the studio had developed. not only in animation, especially MILT KAHL and MARC DAVIS at the peak of their art, – every single ingredient shows the same level of perfection. starting with a unique storyboard completely finished by one of the best – BILL PEET. the overall very stylized design of the film by KEN ANDERSON and an amazing layout and BG-department. all that combined in a new technology, the XEROX-process, that made it possible to bring 101 animated dogs to the screen, and – eliminated the ink and paint step in production, allowing us to see the original drawings of the animators.
the scenes that I selected are not in order of the story. they might show you the beauty of every single composition and color combination in those scenes. a true masterpiece.

101 dal comp 2
101 dal comp 8
101 dal comp 5
101 dal comp 3
101 Dal comp 1
101 dal comp 4
101 dal comp 6
101 dal comp 7

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beauty !

1 07 2015


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