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26 07 2016

sullivant 19992

another rare SULLIVANT masterpiece in color

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12 08 2013

Minolta DSC

one of the rare SULLIVANT illustrations in color. from the nancy beiman collection, thank you nancy

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reineke fuchs

12 09 2010

the story of RENARD THE FOX goes back to a 1498 version REYNKE DE VOS and became throughout the 16th century within the german-speaking countries a bestseller. it is the story of the mean, smart fox who always succeeds with his lies and triumphs in the end over his opponents. JOHANN WOLFGANG VON GOETHE wrote his famous version in 1794.

illustration below – WILHELM VON KAULBACH, REINEKE FUCHS ALS SIEGER, 1846 published in munich.

inspirations for the epic fox-story exist already around 1040 – ECBASIS CAPTIVI – a satire in latin language about a trial of a lion against a fox. then between 1170 and 1250 another version ROMAN DE RENART developed developed in northern france. here the smart fox triumphs as well over the strong lionking NOBLE and the dumb, greedy wolf YSENGRIN.

illustration below – a page from a 1592 publication REYNEKE VOSZ DE OLDE.

probably during the sixties KEN ANDERSON worked in the DISNEY STUDIO on a version of RENARD THE FOX, his studies below look like they are from that project. I am not one hundred percent sure, maybe someone else has some more information.

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