brush tests

2 07 2017

over the last few days I did hundreds of new paint-brushes. below are some of the tests


style 12.1

31 05 2017

the following designs show a wide variety of styles. when it comes to the final look of a film the style should not be overwhelming, it should always be based on the needs of the story. and characters and environment should work together, the worst is if a character looks like an overlay. simplified characters need simplified backgrounds, in case you want to work with more realistic designs for both, don’t overload the backgrounds with unnecessary detail – make your character ‘read’. in some of the following posts I talk more about how to develop a new style.

lost and found 7

30 05 2017

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lost and found 6

29 05 2017

lost and found 5

28 05 2017

posters 3

22 05 2017

a few blank posters for animation lecture announcements in my school.

study 51717

17 05 2017