19 02 2015

what looks like a color script is a collection of webcam images of my hometown ULM in southern germany. I collected them over 3 years, once in a while at different times of the day and over the seasons. these are 64 of hundreds where I tried to combine the most interesting colors. I know – only when you are so far away from home you can have crazy ideas like that.


gong xi fa cai 2015

17 02 2015

goat year blog

a HAPPY NEW YEAR to all my chinese friends

sketchbook published

2 02 2015

my publisher informed me today that my SKETCHBOOK is printed and will be on the shelves within the next 4 weeks, as well available through AMAZON.


below is the press-release with all the information like ISBN-number, pages and content for everybody who is interested in it.

press release 2-2015

here we go…

1 01 2015


happy holidays

21 12 2014

christmas 2014

1984 – olympic games

25 11 2014

1984. olympic games in los angeles. the organisers had come up with the idea for an ANIMATION OLYMPIC ARTS FESTIVAL during the games. PETER SCHNEIDER, later head of disney feature animation, was in the organising committee. all the participants knew about the festival one year in advance. time enough to come up with an animated short – I did my personal 5 min version of the whole olympic rubbish.
to understand my critical view you have to go back to that time. it was in the middle of the cold war between russia and the US ( another one, not the one from these days…). in germany we were sitting on american nuclear warheads, there were big protests. we felt not safe at all. it was not a very pleasant time, and in the middle of all that there were supposed to be happy running, jumping and playing games between the ‘friendly’ nations?
the festival guys as well as the L.A.press didn’t like my version very much, they called it ‘a grim version of an angry german’ – ach ja…

games 1
games 4
games 3
games 2
games 5

life drawing 1014

1 11 2014

life drawg.10.2014


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