23 12 2013

before the internet-era it was common to send and receive via ‘snail-mail’ christmas greeting cards. over the years I have collected some special ones, mainly handmade cards from close friends. below is a small selection – happy holidays

andreas 1987
andreas 1988
2 christmas cards by andreas deja, from 1987 and 1988

harald 1983
from harald siepermann when he was still my student in 1983

stephan 1977
from stephan boeder, at that time responsible for the graphic design in WDR, west german television, 1977

alfred j kwak 1989
from the producers of the alfred j kwak tv-series, telecable benelux, amsterdam + tokyo, 1989

calendar 1950s
one of my childhood christmas calendars from the fifties. you opened every day in december one little hidden window in the calendar and got rewarded with a simple illustration behind it

one of my favorite disney christmas cards from 1938

Disney Christmas Card (1940)
and another disney christmas card probably early forties

all disney artwork © disney enterprises, inc