15 07 2009

…some more recreated backgrounds from disney’s CINDERELLA




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from singapore

12 07 2009

hello from the beautiful SINGAPORE!
enjoy some of my favorite scenes from disney’s CINDERELLA. I removed the animation in most of them and tried to recreate the pure backgrounds to show the style, the composition and the very typical for CINDERELLA color-choices.

cinderella comp 709 A

cinderella comp 709 B

cinderella comp 709 C

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2 07 2009

some more recreated backgrounds from disney’s CINDERELLA




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bibbidi bobbidi boo

22 05 2009

cind080 comp Kyyu

cind092pan a

these recreated backgrounds are from disney’s CINDERELLA, released march 1950. it was the first full length animated feature film after the second world war, after BAMBI in 1942. disney chose another grimm’s fairy tale hoping it would continue the success of SNOW WHITE AND THE SEVEN DWARFS. it was a good choice, the film became the most successfull film of the year.

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mice + shoes

18 12 2008


disney’s CINDERELLA, released march 1950. this beautiful illustration was used for the opening of the film, it feels like the romantic background for an operetta. CINDERELLA was the first animated feature film after a long period of time, after BAMBI. during the wartime the studio had to improvise with short-compilations. as a new start they choose a classical fairy tale like SNOW WHITE before. the choice was a good one, it became the biggest box office hit for disney in years.

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