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8 04 2018


a sketch a day 17

23 03 2018

vision 1.3

21 12 2017

here now a few pages of VISION – color and composition for film, together with the cover and the reviews on the rear-cover…

vision 1.2

16 12 2017

‘VISION – color and composition for film’ was printed in singapore, using a relatively new printing process – STACCATO printing.

as you can see the new method of a very sophisticated texturing instead of the before used halftone printing process results in nearly photo-like images. even with a magnifying lens it is hard to see any dots, the typography is more crisp as well. this STACCATO printing method is resolutionwise similar to 175 Ipi ( lines per inch ) in the old halftone printing, and equivalent to 400 dpi in digital resolution.

the paper quality is from the best, 190 gr/sqm matte. I remember criticism about the ‘toilet’-paper quality of DREAM WORLDS. the VISION pages are something else, the images seem to be three-dimensional in their quality and shiny on the matte paper.

enough of the ‘advertising! it just looks good.
below some pictures from the printing, the 15m long printing machine, the different color plates and the quality check.

tomorrow I am gonna show some of the pages and reviews

vision 1.1

15 12 2017

finally – the book is printed, bound, finished! VISION – COLOR AND COMPOSITION FOR FILM is available for pre-order at amazon and probably available in bookstore early next year. I will keep you posted about the latest release news. some details about the book – written by SANATAN SURYAVANSHI and myself, 240 pages, hardcover. approximately 700+ illustrations, same format as DREAM WORLDS and SKETCHBOOK, COMPOSITION FOR FILM. tomorrow some more about the book.

composition collection

10 07 2016

composition sketch comp 2016 A

composition sketch comp 2016 B

more lost treasures

22 01 2016

below are more recreated backgrounds, as far as I know the originals don’t exist anymore in the disney archives. in case you are interested in those recreated treasures, I posted a lot more in the past.

1948 so dear to my heartso dear to my heart 025

1945 tiger troubletiger trouble comp A

1936 three little wolves3 little wolves A

1938 farmyard symphonyfarmyard symphony A

1938 the fox huntfox hunt

1939 donald’s lucky dayD.lucky day comp 1

1946 casey at the batcasey at the bat PAN

1936 three little wolves3 little wolves B

1940 fantasia-pastoral symphonyfantasia comp BEET aa

1935 music landmusic land pan BB229

1954 the vanishing prairie-openingopening vanishing prairie blog

1948 so dear to my heartso dear BB 047

1936 elmer elephantelmer comp A

1947 fun and fancy free-bongofun+fancy comp a

1948 bumble boogiebumble boogie B

1939 practical pigpractical pig

1939 donald’s cousin gusdon.cousin gus

1940 tugboat mickeytugboat AA

1935 who killed cock robinwho killed cock robin

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