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10 07 2016

composition sketch comp 2016 A

composition sketch comp 2016 B


more lost treasures

22 01 2016

below are more recreated backgrounds, as far as I know the originals don’t exist anymore in the disney archives. in case you are interested in those recreated treasures, I posted a lot more in the past.

1948 so dear to my heartso dear to my heart 025

1945 tiger troubletiger trouble comp A

1936 three little wolves3 little wolves A

1938 farmyard symphonyfarmyard symphony A

1938 the fox huntfox hunt

1939 donald’s lucky dayD.lucky day comp 1

1946 casey at the batcasey at the bat PAN

1936 three little wolves3 little wolves B

1940 fantasia-pastoral symphonyfantasia comp BEET aa

1935 music landmusic land pan BB229

1954 the vanishing prairie-openingopening vanishing prairie blog

1948 so dear to my heartso dear BB 047

1936 elmer elephantelmer comp A

1947 fun and fancy free-bongofun+fancy comp a

1948 bumble boogiebumble boogie B

1939 practical pigpractical pig

1939 donald’s cousin gusdon.cousin gus

1940 tugboat mickeytugboat AA

1935 who killed cock robinwho killed cock robin

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composition studies 1

29 10 2015


study 22214

22 02 2014



27 11 2013

additional to the long overdue DREAM WORLDS 2 I have started to work on a sketchbook, what will be finished earlier – probably sometime early next year. the first about 100 pages are already layouted, I am not quite sure how many pages the book will have in the end. it is quite time-consuming to go through thousands of sketches in my archives and select the right ones for the book. in this ‘only’ black/white sketchbook I want to concentrate on composition studies, since there is apparently the biggest interest, from what I know through my students. below some of the finished double pages, the format will be the same as DREAM WORLDS.

sketchbook pages 11-2013

© hans p bacher

roger broders

27 06 2013

he was the master of french travel posters, promoting early tourist destinations especially the beaches at the côte d’azur and the skiiing resorts in the french alps. ROGER BRODERS, 1883 – 1953, was a french illustrator who created a very distinctive graphic style in his work – overall about 100 posters – with simple lines and bold, flat areas of color. influenced by the CUBISTS, KANDINSKY, SEVERINI and DELAUNAY he designed masterful settings in his always evocative compositions. his motives ranged from the regions of alsace lorraine, vichy + jura down the rhone river into bourgogne and the french alps ( some of his most famous tourism posters were mountain and ski scenes in and around chamonix and mont blanc ), leading to the south of france, the colorful locations of marseilles, hyeres, sainte maxim, grasse, antibes, villefranche, monte carlo and menton. even today his work is still popular and lithographs of his posters are being sold.
ROGER BRODERS fully dedicated himself to poster art from 1920 to 1932 – interesting is the development of similar background-styles in animation around the same time, especially in the silly symphonies after the introduction of color in disney films in 1932. and – look at MARY BLAIR’S designs, she was a big fan of swiss graphic design and knew for sure BRODERS art as well. it’s a small world…

broders 1
broders 2
broders 3

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studies 2.11.13

11 02 2013

readability 2