disney in space 2

30 07 2016


the DISNEYLAND episode MAN AND THE MOON aired dec.1955, directed by WARD KIMBALL. it was inbetween the other two episodes MAN IN SPACE and MARS AND BEYOND. the captured images are from a kind of funny segment about man’s fascination with the moon. again the style is more oriented towards a simplified UPA look, more still images than limited animation, but somehow the look and treatment is not very ‘kimball’-like. it looks more like an assistant took over.

man+moon 1

man+moon 2

man+moon 3

man+moon 4

man+moon 5

man+moon 6

man+moon 8

man+moon 9

man+moon 10

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disney in space 1

28 10 2015

style header

below are compilations of for disney standards very stylized scenes from three specials produced for the DISNEYLAND TV-series – march 1955 MAN IN SPACE, dec.1955 MAN AND THE MOON, and april 1957 MARS AND BEYOND. they were all directed by WARD KIMBALL, you can see the other credits in the first comp. the prophetic and as we know now pretty accurate view of space exploration was explained by the scientists PROF.HEINZ HABER and WERNHER VON BRAUN. I will have more soon, scenes from the cartoony segments of the shows.

man in space+ 0
man in space+ 1
man in space+ 2
man in space+ 3
man in space+ 4
man in space+ 5
man in space+ 6

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tv show

20 09 2008

in the mid-sixties I saw for the first time the DISNEYLAND tv-series on german television, in black and white of course, color was introduced in the late sixties. every single show was an event I planned way in advance. being involved in the gymnasium’s newspaper I was one of the few lucky ones who could use the school’s more modern photocamera. during the tv-show I took one b/w roll of film from the screen, my favorite moments. there was no video at that time. I still have the bad quality pictures I developed and enlarged myself in the school’s darkroom. it cost in those days a lot of effort to get the information you needed and to conserve it. especially about animation. there was only one book about it on the market – THE ART OF WALT DISNEY by BOB THOMAS. that was it! so, the tv shows were pure gold, they gave more of the ‘secrets’ away.

recently I found an article in a 1995 issue of the E-TICKET about the making of these tv-shows. I had no idea how well planned they were. on the air every week they prepared even storyboards for the live action segments and planned walt disney’s moves very well. I post some pictures here drawn by disney artist and WDI imagineer SAM MCKIM. the booards were done for the disneyland programs STORY OF THE SILLY SYMPHONIES oct.1955 and A TRIBUTE TO JOEL CHANDLER HARRIS jan.1956.

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