disneyland art 1.1

14 04 2018

disneyland castle – Herb Ryman

diamond horseshow revue mural – jon de cuir 1970

snow white grotto – John Hench

disneyland arieal view – peter ellenshaw 1954

new orleans square – herb ryman 1964

mermaid lagoon – herb ryman 1957

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magic highway

13 07 2010

may 1958 an eight minute special – MAGIC HIGHWAY U.S.A. – premiered in the DISNEYLAND tv-show, it was directed by WARD KIMBALL. like common in those days and like in OUR FRIEND THE ATOM, it showed a very optimistic future of the american street- and freeway-system. at that time it was ‘science-fiction’, today we laugh. so don’t look at it for the content. I always liked the style of the backgrounds though, very close to architectural renderings. following are some stills and recreated longer pans.

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9 06 2009

several years ago I was asked to do some logo-designs for HONG KONG DISNEYLAND. a condition was, I had to use the typical disneyland castle design somehow. since the MULAN-days I had become familiar with chinese brushes and had even looked into their caligraphy. so I tried the castle in a ‘chinese brush look’. later I added some typical blossoms. the lettering, a combination of the famous disney ‘D’ and the H.K. – hong kong letters was fun too. unfortunately the client choose a different, less fancy version.

hongkong dis

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