la mancha

8 05 2009

it must have been around 1998 when the idea of DON QUIXOTE came up in the studio. for a while JOE GRANT had discussed with me all different possible stories, like PAUL GALLICO’S MY FRIEND JENNY or with the different title THE ABANDONED. and DON QUIXOTE was another one of them. but not like the original story, more on the level of the animals. I loved the ideas and we were spending some time on them. apparently management heard about it and gave JOHN WATKISS the assignment of more huge paintings, since he was finished with ‘tarzan’ and ’empire of the sun’. I don’t think there was even a treatment at that time and the whole thing looked improvised. but John came up with some very interesting characters and very impressive paintings again. here are some of his sketches for DON QUIXOTE.






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