27 11 2013

additional to the long overdue DREAM WORLDS 2 I have started to work on a sketchbook, what will be finished earlier – probably sometime early next year. the first about 100 pages are already layouted, I am not quite sure how many pages the book will have in the end. it is quite time-consuming to go through thousands of sketches in my archives and select the right ones for the book. in this ‘only’ black/white sketchbook I want to concentrate on composition studies, since there is apparently the biggest interest, from what I know through my students. below some of the finished double pages, the format will be the same as DREAM WORLDS.

sketchbook pages 11-2013

© hans p bacher



27 02 2013

life drawing 2-2013

some more sketches from one of my recent life-drawing classes

wilhelm m.busch 32

16 10 2012

some more illustrations created by WILHELM M.BUSCH from a limited edition work catalogue published in 1983 by edition curt visel, memmingen, germany

© wilhelm m.busch / curt visel verlag

wilhelm m.busch 23

30 09 2011

WILHELM M.BUSCH created the illustrations below between 1961 and 1967. I selected some of my favorite drawings from an exhibition catalogue to show you a bit more detail in a much higher resolution. the technique he used was pencil, pen and ink and ballpointpen.

© wilhelm m.busch

masterdrawings 1

18 07 2011

three stylistically very different disney animated feature films and three layout-drawings created by masters. THE BLACK CAULDRON is not necessarily one of my favorite films, but it had some interesting preproduction artwork and some amazing layouts, like the first one below from around 1983, drawn by MIKE HODGSON. the next pan, drawn by the head of layout himself – DON GRIFFITH -, is from 101 DALMATIANS, around 1960. I wrote before about the RONALD SEARLE influenced style that KEN ANDERSEN had developed. and the last stunning pencil-‘painting’ was created by TOM CODRICK for BAMBI, around 1941/42. it is the 2.level of a multiplane set-up with another foreground and a BG-level below.

© disney enterprises, inc