a lot more edelmann

2 03 2012

from the eighties some more illustrations created by one of my favorites, an amazing illustrator, designer, typography and layout artist as well as animation production designer – HEINZ EDELMANN.

© heinz edelmann / WDR / manager magazin

even more edelmann

2 12 2011

the following illustrations were created by HEINZ EDELMANN in the seventies and eighties for the FRANKFURTER ALLGEMEINE MAGAZIN, the magazine TWEN, the WDR ( westgerman tv ) and ATLAS FILM.

© heinz edelmann, frankfurter allgemeine magazin, wdr, twen, atlas film

more heinz edelmann

26 04 2011

here is some more illustration-, poster- and bookcover art of one of my favorite designers – HEINZ EDELMANN.

© heinz edelmann

edelmann designs

9 01 2011

some more masterpieces from HEINZ EDELMANN, created around the 70s and 80s. they show his incredible versatility combining all his talents – illustration, typography and composition. the clients were the german book-publisher klett verlag, a theatre in cologne, and the WDR, one of the german television stations in cologne.

© heinz edelmann / graphis press


29 11 2010

these two illustrations created by HEINZ EDELMANN are from the seventies/eighties, I don’t have the article connected to them anymore. they were probably from the FAZ magazine.

© heinz edelmann

the fantastic film

18 11 2010

DER PHANTASTISCHE FILM ( the fantastic film ) was a series of science fiction- / fantasy- and horror-films on the air monthly from 1970 on in the 2.german tv-program ZDF. some of the shown treasures were THE TIME MACHINE, JOURNEY TO THE CENTER OF THE EARTH, THE INNOCENTS, VILLAGE OF THE DAMNED and KING KONG. the title of the series was designed by HEINZ EDELMANN. below some EDELMANN storyboard sketches and captured scenes from the trailer.

© edelmann/ZDF

some more edelmann

11 03 2010

© heinz edelmann / WDR / FAZ magazine


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