beethoven’s fifth

3 06 2017

a few of the ideas I painted in 1994 for the BEETHOVEN’S FIFTH segment in disney’s FANTASIA 2000

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27 03 2010

the unusual delay with my posts doesn’t mean I stopped posting or was running out of ideas. I am recovering from surgery. purely accidental during check-up a malignant tumor stage 1 was found in my right kidney. as if I didn’t have enough rollercoaster rides! 40% of the kidney were removed, no complications. but the recovery takes a long time. one of the causes for this kind of cancer is working with color-solvents. unfortunately I did that for about 25 years, colored all my artwork with benzol based magic-/ AD-/ pantone-markers. what helped me to become successful in my design job nearly killed me. now I hope my computer work is less threatening.

the design above is from disney’s FANTASIA 2000, BEETHOVEN’S FIFTH.

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11 07 2009

from tomorrow on, july 12 until july 26, I will be in singapore to teach during a workshop – production design/character design in animation. my posting might slow down during these next two weeks. I am looking forward to be again in one of the most exciting cities in asia.

tin soldier0051

above one of my preproduction designs for disney’s FANTASIA 2000, TIN SOLDIER.

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22 09 2008

similar color but very different times, actually over a period of 30 years. the first one I did in the late seventies, then a BEAUTY AND THE BEAST forest. there is a bit of an eyvind earle influence. the city scene was for CATS in 1991, unfortunately it never happened. but instead BALTO, 1993 in london. nr.5 is from BEETHOVEN’S FIFTH, an early concept for FANTASIA 2000. then we have MY PEOPLES what did not happen, and a design for a CG short I designed in tokyo in 2006. the techniques were very different as well, watercolor, magic marker feltpen, gouache and photoshop.

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