prisma + artisto

8 01 2017

usually I make phone calls and send messages with my phone. I was never a big fan of all the gimmicks offered in those fancy show-off-handys. until I accidentally came across two apps, available for free since june 2016 for android and iOS – PRISMA and ARTISTO. the ‘filter’-sets were created by russian programmer ALEXEY MOISEENKOV and became immediately a big hit in russia and eastern europe. you can read -here- how it works. most filters on the market change your original photo or painting only slightly, most of them have big problems to differentiate between lines and shapes. PRISMA and ARTISTO create stunning changed images and even video, in my opinion pure ART. the most stupid image turns into something interesting. most people probably use it for ‘selfles’, I think it is too good for that, you can create new ART, students should use it as a first step for a painting, to get ideas for posters or a different approach to illustration, or – even as a start for some very different ANIMATION.
I have my problems with it now – it is addictive!




24 09 2011


1 08 2011

NPR – that stands for NON PHOTOREALISTIC RENDERING. in my earlier post from april 29, 2011 I explained that I want to work with some of my student here in singapore in that direction. I can see unlimited artistic looks in animation, way more interesting than just using CG as it is used in most animations today. even overrendered realistic versions of environments can be turned into phantastic, real artistic phantasy worlds. imagine a VAN GOGH similar oil-painted cornfield that moves in the wind, or rough pencil-sketches of people rushing through streets, all that with a constant moving camera.
some similar experimental feature films have been done a few years ago – WAKING LIFE 2001 and A SCANNER DARKLY 2006. the difference to these films is that they were rotoscoped using a special software, that still kept a pretty realistic and live-action-like look, but definetely not artistic. I guess nobody so far was willing to invest into something more ‘ART’-related, afraid there would not be an audience. maybe. but – there are still a lot of people who stand in line to get into museums, art-exhibitions and galleries.

the artwork below started as photographs. I changed them using different software, in some of them a combination of up to 3 softwares. all the presets that I modified can be used not just on one picture like what you see here, but as well on the thousands of single frames of a preproduced live-action, CG-animation or a combination. of course it is possible to add on top of it all traditional drawn animation or background-elements.


19 05 2011

it is an interesting combination of a filter with a colored multi-layer-mix using a black and white photo from hollywood’s glamourous days.


18 04 2011

the endless possibilities filter plug-ins give you to change the look of existing artwork and photographs might be interesting not just for me. I always thought that the pretty basic photoshop filters were not enough and followed in the past the release of additional filter plug-ins on the market. recently I found a new set from RED GIANT SOFTWARE – TOONIT! – that kept me busy with hundreds of experiments over the weekend. as you can see in the following examples, it is pretty impressive what you can create with it. as a start I tested the photoshop plug-in, but it is as well available for ‘after effx’ and ‘final cut pro’, where it can transform complete scenes into a different style. below is a combination of different looks I tried on a classical BOUGERAU painting, later a few of my photographs as resource.