11 11 2008

july 1994 I started my 9 years at the disney studio, first in glendale – later that year we all moved into the new built studio in burbank on riverside, the building with the sorcerer’s apprentice hat in front. they wanted me to do designs on 5 different projects, at the same time. HERCULES was the first, andy gaskil was the assigned art director and already working on the visuals. then two pieces for the planned FANTASIA 2000 compilation – LITTLE TIN SOLDIER and BEETHOVEN’S FIFTH -, and two very interesting new projects, MULAN – at that time titled FAMULAN, and DINOSAUR, the first disney cg-movie. it was a very interesting 5 months until I was asked to do the production design on MULAN in dec.1994. kind of challenging, not to mix all these very different styles up. here are some of the HERCULES sketches…


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