wilhelm m.busch 42

2 04 2018

WILHELM M.BUSCH created these monumental illustrations for the EMILE ZOLA 1892 novel la débâcle ( the collapse ). I selected only a few of the 60 masterpieces in this book, every single one done in a small size with a simple ballpoint pen. they could be snapshots from a david lean war drama.

© wilhelm m.busch and bertelsmann verlag


style 9.6

1 10 2016



style 9.5

28 07 2016


artists have always been inspired by other artists. otherwise impressionism or cubism had never developed and been explored by so many different artists. in animation disney first used children book illustrators like tenggren and nielsen as inspiration for the style of the first feature films. UPA was smaller and could afford to experiment with new looks, using modern art like dufy and modigliany, but as well upcoming cartoon and caricature stars like steinberg, searle and kurtzman for inspiration. later john hubley went even further with his shorts and a complete abstract look influenced by picasso, shahn and prestopino. I could continue this until today, where modern filmmakers get excited by art they accidentally find on the internet. it is so much easier today to look for reference or inspiration, everybody has a vast collection of art from museums, books, auctions or collectors at home available on the world wide web.
I was always interested to find out how looks were developed in the past. it was like a guideline for my own work, to find ways for developing new styles. now I am trying to teach those secrets to new generations. difficult, because you have to first learn about all the existing art in the world, figurative and landscape or environmental art, get enough knowledge about films of the past – and, experience by analysis how the look of the most interesting films was developed. the real challenge starts when you try to develop your own style for a project. one piece is already tough, but then the problem is to create a whole series of environments in the same style.

human faces+art

faces in art 1

more t.s.sullivant

26 07 2016

sullivant 19992

another rare SULLIVANT masterpiece in color

© sullivant

wilhelm m.busch 41

17 02 2016

WILHELM M.BUSCH illustrated this novel written by heinrich seidel – LEBERECHT HUEHNCHEN – in 1962. it’s the life story of leberecht huehnchen in the early part of the last century in berlin, germany. to me it looks like the illustrations were done with a ballpoint pen, some in pen and ink. publishing house is bertelsmann verlag.

busch 4677

busch 4695

busch 4692

busch  4689

busch 4678

busch 4696

busch 4705

busch 4682

busch 4697

busch 4704

busch 4698

busch 4684

© wilhelm m.busch / bertelsmann verlag

masters 4

10 11 2015

errol le cain
©errol le cain

gerald hoffnung
©gerald hoffnung

oscar grillo
©oscar grillo

antonio lapone
©antonio lapone

Al Parker
©al parker

patrick faulwetter
©patrick faulwetter

rene haussman
©rene haussman

vladimiro merino
©vladimiro merino

bob peak
©bob peak

©wolf erlbruch

david levine
©david levine

ben stahl
©ben stahl

DCF 1.0
©carlos nine

©heinz edelmann

©george brown petty

aurelien predal
©aurelien predal

masters 3

9 11 2015

DCF 1.0
©thomas starling sullivant

tadahiro uesugi
©tadahiro uesugi

DCF 1.0
©bill sienkiewicz

©mirko hanak

neil ross
©neil ross

nicolas nemiri
©nicolas nemiri

henry patrick raleigh
©henry patrick raleigh

sergio toppi
©sergio toppi

coby whitmore
©coby whitmore


jon whitcomb
©jon whitcomb

ludwig hohlwein
©ludwig hohlwein

paul felix
©paul felix

peter de seve
©peter de seve

lorenzo mattotti
©lorenzo mattotti