28 12 2012

JUGEND was a weekly cultural magazine in germany in the late 19th century. the idea of the editor, GEORG HIRTH, was to break into a new philosophy, a new way of seeing art. and the publication soon became style-setting and launched the german ART NOUVEAU movement, JUGENDSTIL ( young style ) named after the magazine.
during my last years in the DISNEY-studio I became close to JOE GRANT, one of the longest lasting original artists of the old disney era. he had been walt disney’s close friend and advisor during the late thirties and forties, and had been the head of the visual development team and responsible for the first ideas of all feature films at that time. he started to work with a new generation of artists after a break in the late 80s. joe grant had the most amazing collection of books and magazines about art starting in the late 19th century, especially german publications like SIMPLICISSIMUS and JUGEND. every other day he brought some of these treasure books to the studio and I had a chance to look through them and xerox whatever I liked. those where the good times! below are some of these gems. after the cover of one of the JUGEND magazines I chose a series of beautiful very early HEINRICH KLEY illustrations. I am sure you will enjoy these gems…