peder mørk mønsted

26 01 2014

please go here to my earlier post from 8-2010 about PEDER MORK MONSTED for more information. below some more of his stunning landscapes

3monsted 1885-6734 a view of anacapri
4By The River, Brondbyvester 1922
5monsted 1924-6543
6monsted 1921-6780
7monsted 1917-6757
8monsted 1903-6638
10monsted 6619
12monsted 1898-6705

© peder mørk mønsted


style 10.3

17 09 2011

here are some more landscape and architecture style studies in classical paintings of the past…

style 10.2

15 09 2011

to continue the collection of different styles throughout the last centuries in art I put together a few landscape paintings


2 08 2010

PEDER MORK MONSTED, 1859 – 1941, was a danish landscape artist, well known for his romantic, poetic painting of nature. he depicted the grandeur and monumental aspect of the landscape, with a remarkable eye for detail and color. the entry on MONSTED in the Weilbach Dansk Kunstnerleksikon characterises the artist’s achievement – MONSTED’S great success was largely a consequence of his ability to develop a series of schematic types of landscape, which could each individually represent the quintessence of a scandinavian, italian, or most frequently danish landscape. in motifs, built up around still water, trees and forest, he specialised in portraying the sunlight between tree crowns and the network of trunks and branches of the underwood, the reflections on the water of forest and sky and snowladen winter landscape paintings with sensations of spring, often all together in the same painting.  insofar as MONSTED included figures in his paintings, these were principally used as ornaments with a view to emphasising the idyllic character of the motif; and only rarely were the figures and the anecdotal element given as prominent a role as in traditional genre paintings.

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