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9 03 2012

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18 04 2011

the endless possibilities filter plug-ins give you to change the look of existing artwork and photographs might be interesting not just for me. I always thought that the pretty basic photoshop filters were not enough and followed in the past the release of additional filter plug-ins on the market. recently I found a new set from RED GIANT SOFTWARE – TOONIT! – that kept me busy with hundreds of experiments over the weekend. as you can see in the following examples, it is pretty impressive what you can create with it. as a start I tested the photoshop plug-in, but it is as well available for ‘after effx’ and ‘final cut pro’, where it can transform complete scenes into a different style. below is a combination of different looks I tried on a classical BOUGERAU painting, later a few of my photographs as resource.


15 06 2010

when I was on PHI PHI ISLAND a few years ago, shortly before the tsunami disaster, a ‘walk-around-artdealer’ offered some oilpaintings created by an unknown THAI-painter. he had the canvas rolled and carried probably dozens of them. I liked the color and the motifs and bought four of them.

© unknown thai artist

chinese art 6

22 04 2010

the stunning artwork below is from the famous chinese landscape painter ZHANG BU. he was born in 1934, started as a newspaper editor and became over the years one of the best known painters of this genre.

© zhang bu


15 10 2009

during my work on MULAN I was introduced by RICK SLUITER, the art director and a canadian, to one of the most well known CANADIAN painters – ALFRED JOSEPH CASSON, 1898 – 1992. this painter became one of my favorite artists of recent times. because of his style, his way to combine colors and shapes. you can see below some of his art and will understand why I admire his work. CASSON was a member of the canadian group of painters – GROUP OF SEVEN, together with FRANKLIN CARMICHAEL.

4casson comp 1
6casson comp 2
2casson comp 3

© a.j.casson

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there is so much interst in A.J.CASSON’S work that I wanted to add the details of a beautiful book about his life-work. I have to warn you though – it might be a bit expensive, and it is H U G E !

A.J.CASSON – his life and works/a tribute
by paul duvall
cerebrus/prentice-hall publ. toronto, 1980
ISBN 0-920892-02-7

The Hidden History of Oz

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The Hidden History of Oz

Discover the Secrets of an Enchanted World is the best place for your personal blog or business site.