29 01 2013


‪if you ever visited my photo-blog, you would have noticed that I am a big fan of stereo-photography. years ago I used color-slides and watched them in a broken apart old viewmaster. today with all digital images that doesn’t work anymore, but – there is a new way – you create out of the 2 stereo-image components an ANAGLYPH. in some simple steps red and cyan-blue is added to the 2 images in photoshop and the layers are combined to one picture. now you can see the 3D-image effect through special red/blue glasses, the blue needs to be on the right side.‬


‪during my flights I shot a lot of stereo-photos, not by using a special 3D-camera, just one camera and shooting 2 pictures. the stereo effect in the end happens when you wait about 10 seconds between the 2 shots, it looks like as if you had moved the camera sideways. you can see a lot of those images on my other blog.‬

‪a while back I found out that this same technique can be used to create stereo images from normal tv-documentaries or even feature films. whenever the camera moves sideways, like shot from a car or helicopter, you screen-capture 2 images with a small distance ( you find the best results after a while with a bit experience ), and these final anaglyphs look stunning, as you can seen below. there was nothing 3-dimensional looking planned in all these films, you create the effect artificially. I especially like 3D results from historic film footage. maybe someone is as crazy as I am and give it a ‘shot’… ‬

3D-comp 2013.1 web
3D-comp 2013.2
3D-comp 2013.3

images © ZDF 2.german tv


19 05 2011

it is an interesting combination of a filter with a colored multi-layer-mix using a black and white photo from hollywood’s glamourous days.


18 04 2011

the endless possibilities filter plug-ins give you to change the look of existing artwork and photographs might be interesting not just for me. I always thought that the pretty basic photoshop filters were not enough and followed in the past the release of additional filter plug-ins on the market. recently I found a new set from RED GIANT SOFTWARE – TOONIT! – that kept me busy with hundreds of experiments over the weekend. as you can see in the following examples, it is pretty impressive what you can create with it. as a start I tested the photoshop plug-in, but it is as well available for ‘after effx’ and ‘final cut pro’, where it can transform complete scenes into a different style. below is a combination of different looks I tried on a classical BOUGERAU painting, later a few of my photographs as resource.

…in case

2 11 2009

mosaic 77-09

just in case you are bored with all this animation stuff, I have another blog with wordpress, just photographs I took over the past decades. it’s the first link on the right – or click H E R E in case you are interested.


9 12 2008

I studied graphic design at the FOLKWANG SCHOOL in ESSEN, germany. the school was the follow-up school of the BAUHAUS-school in weimar and dessau in the twenties of the last century. a lot of my professors had been taught by bauhaus teachers. and they wanted the tradition to continue. in a way the school was structured like CAL ARTS today, all artistic disciplines under one roof, the roof of a former monastery from the 15. century. very atmospheric. so – we had ballet, the dramatic arts ( theatre ), music and design. design again was divided into – graphic design, industrial design, textile design, painting, printing, sculpture and photography. only animation was missing, I introduced that when I started to teach there. the photography professor was OTTO STEINERT, very famous in those days. many of my friends were in the photography class, a lot of them are now pretty well known and members of national geographic and magnum. I got to see what they were doing and that’s how my interest in photography grew. soon I found out that you can paint with your camera as well. later, when I had started to work for disney I was able to create my own reference photo archives. like for BEAUTY AND THE BEAST hundreds of photos of european forests in all seasons, castles, old villages and weather situations. I love photography at least as much as drawing. probably soon I am gonna start another blog where I can publish some of the pictures.