comparison 9

20 02 2016

comparison A blog


bambi GG813


bambi recreated.rain-111


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recreated backgrounds

8 02 2016

I was asked how the re-creation of long lost backgrounds from DVD material works, below are some of the steps. in this case, a pan from disney’s FANTASIA, NUTCRACKER SUITE, an additional problem besides removing the animated milkweed ballerinas was the multiplane pan, the foreground elements moved in different speeds, what created very complicated overlappings. in the final version I had to add some airbrushed light effects in the sky background, but based on the original source. this is one of the more time consuming pieces, the endresult was worth it though.


2fanta2033 work in progress


4fantatasia comp nutcr.abcFINAL

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lost treasures 3

23 01 2016

…and a few more recreated backgrounds from disney’s animated classics

1945 three caballeros-bahia3 caballeros BAHIA C

1948 melody time-once upon a wintertimemelody time comp once 1948 2

1940 fantasia-nutcracker suite1941 fant nut AAA

1937 don donalddon donald 1937 mex

1947 fun and fancy free-happy valleyfun+fancy comp C

1939 ugly ducklingduckling 1939 comp.A

1936 donald and plutodonald+pluto comp AA 1936

1935 music landmusic land GGt

1940 fantasia-nutcracker suitefantasia nut DDa

1938 donald’s better selfbetter self 1938 comp A

1948 melody time-johnny appleseedjohnny appleseed A

1947 fun and fancy free-happy valleyfun+fancy 1947 comp B

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more lost treasures

22 01 2016

below are more recreated backgrounds, as far as I know the originals don’t exist anymore in the disney archives. in case you are interested in those recreated treasures, I posted a lot more in the past.

1948 so dear to my heartso dear to my heart 025

1945 tiger troubletiger trouble comp A

1936 three little wolves3 little wolves A

1938 farmyard symphonyfarmyard symphony A

1938 the fox huntfox hunt

1939 donald’s lucky dayD.lucky day comp 1

1946 casey at the batcasey at the bat PAN

1936 three little wolves3 little wolves B

1940 fantasia-pastoral symphonyfantasia comp BEET aa

1935 music landmusic land pan BB229

1954 the vanishing prairie-openingopening vanishing prairie blog

1948 so dear to my heartso dear BB 047

1936 elmer elephantelmer comp A

1947 fun and fancy free-bongofun+fancy comp a

1948 bumble boogiebumble boogie B

1939 practical pigpractical pig

1939 donald’s cousin gusdon.cousin gus

1940 tugboat mickeytugboat AA

1935 who killed cock robinwho killed cock robin

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5 09 2014

1madeline cover

the first children book MADELINE was published in 1939, 8 more followed. the author and illustrator was LUDWIG BEMELMANS, 1898 – 1962, born in austria and emigrated to the united states in 1914. the illustrations in the first book are very simple, concentrating on the characters, there is barely any major background. in the few pieces where BEMELMANS added some more detail to establish where the story takes place you can see that he was obviously inspired by the french painter RAOUL DUFY, 1877 – 1953.

2madeline bemelmans
3madeline 2
4dufy style

in 1952 UPA produced an animated version of the first book, directed by BOBE CANNON, layout design ART HEINEMAN and color by JULES ENGEL. the animation was done by BILL MELENDEZ and FRANK SMITH. the design team was facing the problem to develop a background style since there was not enough reference in the books. they went back to RAUL DUFY, and came up with backgrounds inspired by his art. below you can see 2 recreated longer pans from the short.

7Madeline (1952) pan 1
8Madeline (1952)night pan 1
9Madeline (1952) night pan 2

© ludwig bemelmans / UPA / raul dufy


10 05 2013

so far I guess I have recreated more than one hundred backgrounds from disney’s BAMBI. you probably know that only a few originals from the film are left because most of the scenes where shot in levels with the MULTIPLANE-camera, had to be painted in oil on glass, and after the shots were successful some poor guy had to scrape off the master-paintings from the glass. glass was rare during WWII and had to be reused. the recreated BG’s below were seen the last time in original around 1941/42. the first one is about one third of the full length of the opening pan of the film, shot in 8 levels to create the feel of depth.

bambi comp 3 A
BAmbi 9027
BAmbi 22054
bambi CCC62
BAmbi 11164
bambi A008a

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more 101 dalmatians

14 01 2012

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The Hidden History of Oz

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The Hidden History of Oz

Discover the Secrets of an Enchanted World is the best place for your personal blog or business site.