27 07 2009

I am back from the 2 weeks singapore workshop. it was fun and there was a lot of talent in the class of 40. hi to everybody, I will be back soon. here now another recreated long background-pan, from disney’s DONALD’S LUCKY DAY, released jan. 1939. beautifully painted in the watercolor technique of that time.

donald's lucky day 1

© disney enterprises, inc



31 05 2009

disney’s DONALD DUCK short THE FOX HUNT was released july 1938. the following recreated extremely long pan is from the opening scene and is 40 seconds long! this is very unusual, it is difficult to plan for layout- and animation-artists. in this case the pan shows the hunters on horses riding out for the fox hunt, the camera leaves them behind and reveals donald with several dogs who is supposed to search for the fox.

fox hunt opening

© disney enterprises, inc


16 09 2008

this is a recreated background with the corresponding layout for one of my favorite disney shorts – MICKEY’S TRAILER, 1938. the layouts were drawn by a master, I have seen the originals in the disney archives, incredible – flawless. he did the layouts for GOOD SCOUTS too, 1938 as well. and a few more, will check in my archives. never found out his name, unfortunately the layouts for the shorts were not signed. maybe someone out there has an idea…

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