25 12 2011

a ‘merry christmas’ to everybody who is celebrating the event. for this special occasion I want to show you a selection of designs for several animated feature films created over the past fifteen years by some of the best in their field. PAUL FELIX and a few of his many masterful pencil sketches for disney’s MULAN, as well as some of his paintings and drawings for the shelved SNOW QUEEN project. further MARCELO VIGNALI with his beautiful visuals for MULAN and CHEN-YI CHENG’S ancestor group for the ‘mushu’s awakening’ sequence in MULAN. finally two more stunning jungle action scenes for TARZAN by JOHN WATKISS, and some of the amazing layout work for BALTO created by one of the best layout artists, now animator – BOLHEM BOUCHIBA. I hope you enjoy this very special gallery of the masters – happy holidays.

© disney enterprises, inc
© universal pictures / amblin entertainment


snow queen 3

5 12 2009

and the last part of the SNOW QUEEN captured images

I color-corrected all posted images since the color version of the film on the DVD release is not right.
© soyuzmultfilm

snow queen 2

14 11 2009

part 2 of the captured images from the animated soyuzmultfilm production THE SNOW QUEEN
-russ snow queen072
-russ snow qu.comp 10
-snowqu.comp 5
-snowqu.comp 6
-russ snow qu.comp 8

© soyuzmultfilm

snow queen 1

9 11 2009

another beautiful russian soyuzmultfilm production is the 1957 released THE SNOW QUEEN, directed by LEV ATAMANOV. the traditionally animated feature film follows the hans christan andersen pretty close, what slows it down very often. but overall it has a real fairy tale athmosphere and the animation is beautiful. following are some recreated longer pans and captured scenes. there will be more…

russ snowqu.022
russ snowqu.017
snowqu.comp 1
snowqu.comp 2
snowqu.comp 3
snowqu.comp 4

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