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26 07 2016

sullivant 19992

another rare SULLIVANT masterpiece in color

© sullivant



12 08 2013

Minolta DSC

one of the rare SULLIVANT illustrations in color. from the nancy beiman collection, thank you nancy

© t.s.sullivant


10 06 2010

T.S.SULLIVANT, 1854 – 1926, is probably one of the most important cartoonists in the history of this medium. I am sure you all have seen some of his work, and you might know how important he was for the development of cartoon characters in animation. his very unique style of anthropomorphism has been the inspiration for numerous character designers in animation and comic strip artists around the world. sullivant began to work cartooning professionally at the age of 32. his drawings appeared in the LIFE and PUCK magazines during the 1890s, later in 1904 he signed an exclusive contract with WILLIAM RANDOLPH HEARST. from 1911 until his death he continued to work for LIFE magazine. I have selected some of my favorite cartoons below.

© t.s.sullivant

weekend inspiration

4 04 2009





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