28 11 2008

the biggest difference between traditional animation and most of the CG movies of today is, that at least the good 2-D films tried to show an interpretaion of reality, whereas CG tries to copy it. most of what I have seen so far is hopeless overloaded with detail, superrealistic textures, foilage even visible on trees miles away. when you have a look through this blog you will find a lot of examples from traditional animated films, where you can feel the atmosphere and don’t get a headache from detail-overkill. TYRUS WONG, the production designer of disney’s BAMBI, did not paint every single leave in the forest – he made you feel they were there. an approach like that is in my oppinion much better for the imagination of the audience. it gives us a chance to see what we like to see. anyway – maybe these days will come back at one time in the future…
below is an example where I just used a few ‘monotype’ brushes, as you can see them as well, to give you the idea of rocks in snowy mountains.