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16 09 2012

following some beautiful CHUCK JONES roughs from the 1952 warner brothers short FEED THE KITTY

© WB / chuck jones



10 09 2009

WARNER BROTHERS released on april 21, 1945, HARE TRIGGER, one of my favorite WB-shorts. directed by FRIZ FRELENG it featured BUGS BUNNY and YOSEMITE SAM. as you can see in the credits the BG’s were painted by a master – PAUL JULIAN. below is a recreated long pan from the film.

WB hare tr web

WB hare trigger pan web


paul julian 1

26 09 2008

whenever you watch a warner brothers short from the forties and fifties you can spot backgrounds painted by PAUL JULIAN immediately. they stand out because of the choice of colors and their unique style. JULIAN was a fine artist with exhibitions in art galleries. I quote from the book THE ART OF FRIZ FRELENG – …according to julian ‘backgrounds are used both to stage the character and stay behind the character’…and ‘I did a great deal of special design stuff that I kept hidden and various kinds of staging, taking liberties with perspective, and doing what I could to keep the audience’s attention directed toward the main animation with as much elaboration as I could put behind it. I tried deliberately to build the space around the characters so they were, in effect, working in a kind of tunnel…’ further …when the actual painting commenced, julian concentrated on colors, coordinating his efforts with those of the ink-and-painters…he had two six foot tables and could get the whole six minute picture laid out on the table to make sure everything went together smoothly…
the following 5 recreated pan BG’s are painted by JULIAN, they are from the 1949 WB-short BAD OL PUTTY TAT with tweety and sylvester.
later julian left WB and designed at UPA – THE TELL TALE HEART, another stylistic masterpiece.

bad ol putty tad.credits

bad ol putty tad.pan 5

bad ol putty tad.a

© warner brothers