tale as old as time

23 02 2010

with the following ‘historic’ photographs from 1989 I want to make reference to the post about disney’s WAKING SLEEPING BEAUTY and the release of an upcoming book in august this year. the photos were done in london and L.A. during the preproduction of disney’s BEAUTY AND THE BEAST. there is my workdesk with colored storyboard pictures, the 9-picture composition was drawn by DICK PURDUM, who was supposed to direct the film together with his wife JILL. on some of the others is MEL SHAW at work on his beautiful charcoal illustrations. the book I mentioned is TALE AS OLD AS TIME: THE ART AND MAKING OF BEAUTY AND THE BEAST written by CHARLES SOLOMON. there will be a lot more pictures in the book from my collection and other sources.

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23 02 2010

Dear Hans! with all my heart I want to say -thank you! I watched Beauty and the Beast countless times! This is the perfect movie!

23 02 2010

Sir…if our school’s animation classrooms were the same as how your offices looked like, i think a lot of SDA students would enjoy studying animation and production more.

by the way sir…those storyboards are making me cry with amazement. somehow i feel embarrassed at my own works when i see the masters do it.

from hans –
then I recommend, ask the other 5.000 students if they feel the same, write a nasty letter, signed by the 5.000 and tell whoever moron is responsible for the horrible worse than hospital look – CHANGE IT! OR WE COME IN OVER THE WEEKEND, AND WE CHANGE IT. ok?
about your feeling, – sometimes that helps, to get a kick to do a bit more to improve.

24 02 2010

The boards are beautiful! And I love seeing other artist’s work spaces.There’s such a grit and life to the area that tells so much about the artist and their work!

25 02 2010

Hello Hans, I must say I enjoy seeing all the photos of your work space and other artist. Very inspirational!

25 02 2010
Floyd Norman

Hello Hans, I love the work you and Daan Jippes did on the original Beauty and the Beast. Oh, well. Such was not to be.

I have seen the new Charles Solomon book here at Disney, and it is a wonderful book. I’m so glad the story of making this film is finally being told.

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