more bugs

29 08 2011

about a year ago I posted the first recreated backgrounds from MR.BUGS GOES TO TOWN. this beautiful animated feature film was produced by the FLEISCHER STUDIOS in miami, florida, and released by PARAMOUNT on december 5, 1941 – two days before the attack on PEARL HARBOUR. that might have been the reason why it was a financial disaster at the box office with only $ 241.000 against costs of $ 713.500. here now a few more recreated backgrounds from the film.

© fleischer studios / paramount


28 08 2011

digital anarchy TOONIT filters combined with manipulated color-combinations on black/white photographs and video-captures


27 08 2011

in 1990 DAAN JIPPES did this beautiful design for a TOONTOWN-RIDE in the disney parks. I guess it happened paralell to his amazing storyboard work for ALADDIN. more about that in a later post.

© disney enterprises, inc / daan jippes

regis loisel 4

22 08 2011

now as promised more of REGIS LOISEL’S visual development designs for disney’s MULAN

© disney enterprises, inc / regis loisel


21 08 2011

some cloud-reference from paintings and photographs, you never know when you need some…

midnight 16

18 08 2011


olaf gulbransson 2

17 08 2011

more from OLAF GULBRANSSON and the SIMPLICISSIMUS, all reproduced some years ago from JOE GRANT’S amazing collection.

© olaf gulbransson