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2 11 2015

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11 02 2013

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pretty dark

25 02 2012

more from the book 1

24 01 2012

another illustration from the book DREAM WORLDS 2


1 11 2011

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new book

14 09 2008

two questions always come up in my lectures – ‘how do you create a good composition’ – and – ‘how do you choose the right colors’. so, before repeating myself all the time I started a new book. these are tough questions, hard to answer. when you work in this business for so many years you don’t really think about the simple, basic things anymore, – they work automatic. but – now that I have to t h i n k and not just f e e l about it, a lot of questions came up for myself. I try to answer those with lots of artwork, hopefully simple enough. so far it’s a lot of fun and I am learning the most…

a new start

12 09 2008

hello everybody,

let’s hope this time it will work much better! my name is hans bacher, I am working in the animation industry for a while now, as production designer. was involved in a lot of disney feature films in the ‘golden nineties’ as well as some amblimation productions. I have published 2 books, one is DREAM WORLDS – production design for animation, still available at amazon and elsewhere. for the last 6 years I live in manila, philippines, and enjoy the mixture of teaching all over asia and the traveling. 

as I did in my blogs I had over the last years until I stopped them thanks to the incredible google-support, I will continue with recreated backgrounds of older animated treasures that no longer exist. together with the addition of some of my own animation artwork and some historic documentaries I hope it will be fun again.

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