ludwig richter 2

29 05 2018

following I wanna show you in great detail some of my most favorite woodcut illustrations, created by LUDWIG RICHTER, 1803 – 1884, probably the most famous illustrator of the german romantic ‘biedermeier’ era. you can find a lot more information about him and his art technique in earlier posts here and here.

ludwig richter

© ludwig richter


mother goose

21 05 2018

following some designs created by EYVIND EARLE for the disney special THE TRUTH ABOUT MOTHER GOOSE in 1957. at that time EYVIND EARLE must have been very busy with his production design and backgrounds for SLEEPING BEAUTY, what was released january 1959. it must have been quite challenging even for a genius like EARLE to come up with a style that was supposed to look different from his sleeping beauty look, and that parallel working on both projects. that’s why I am not surprised to see a certain MARY BLAIR and WALT PEREGOY influence in his mother goose work, lots of inspiration from other illustration of that time, like ALICE and MARTIN PROVENSEN, and the simplicity of the tv-commercials of the fifties. it show how much EYVIND EARLE was informed about the artworld and constantly was challenging himself to develop into a new direction.

© disney enterprises

wilhelm m.busch 43

11 05 2018

these pen&ink illustrations were created by WILHELM M.BUSCH for charles dickens’ CHRISTMAS CAROL.

© wilhelm m.busch

older inspiration 5

10 05 2018

older inspiration 4

8 05 2018

maybe someone can help me, I could never figure out who the illustrator was. the style reminds me of some of the 50s commercials in the U.S.

older inspiration 3

7 05 2018


older inspiration 2

5 05 2018