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16 01 2016


in some earlier posts I showed artwork from the shelved disaster production WILD LIFE that disney feature animation had in preproduction for nearly 2 years, starting early 1999 till 2000. it was supposed to be disney’s first CG-animated feature film. I remember these 2 years that I worked on this project as probably the most creative and most chaotic time I ever spent on a film in this business. the majority of the creative team was amazing, a few less inclusive the directors. anyway, the biggest problem were stupid decisions and missing control of management in the highest levels. they let us run into the disaster, not one of them listened to my concerns about the content problems. but, visually the whole film was after a while so stunning, so new and never conceived before, that most of the creative team did not really care about the major story problems.
I was head of the development and production designer with a team of the best layout and BG artists in the studio, BUCK LEWIS, an illustrator from new york, worked on all the character designs. if there is interest you can read more about the project in my book DREAM WORLDS and CHARLES SOLOMON’S book DISNEY LOST AND FOUND. from what I heard seventy million dollars went down the drain because of ignorance and stupidity, and in the end 200 artists were laid off. too bad, amazing talent that disappeared into the rest of the world. I found recently tons of sketches from the production. it will take a while to scan them – here are the first ones…

wildlife 3872

wildlife 3845

wildlife 3843

wildlife 3855

wildlife 3854

wildlife 3850

wildlife 3841

wildlife 3856

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first video test

23 03 2015


over the past years a lot of you have asked me to upload some of my ‘hidden historic animation documentaries’. I decided to start with it now. but – I need some advice with the uploading of the videos to WORDPRESS, I am not quite sure if I do it right because even the shortest clip takes forever to upload. so, please let me know if there is someone out there who can advise me.
today I chose a very short clip because of the slow uploading, it was a look-test we did for the shelved disaster experiment, that could have been a masterpiece, WILD LIFE. from 1999 on I worked on it for probably 1 1/2 years. there are more posts on my blog about this unusual disney project, but here now for the first time a short test animation of the heroine KITTY, her crazy dress what took a while to create, and the environment. please keep in mind, this was done during the ‘pioneer’-days in CG, over 15 years ago.
anyway – in case I can finally solve the uploading problem, there will be a lot more – footage from the making of BEAUTY AND THE BEAST ( there is about 9 hours of documentary ), footage during my 4 years in london at AMBLIMATION with documents from WE’RE BACK and BALTO and lots more from my following 10 years at disney, especially documents from MULAN and the production in florida. hope it will work, you might enjoy it…

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the club

6 09 2011

from disney’s shelved first cg-animated feature film WILD LIFE the nightlife center of the city with the ‘club’, 1999, layout by mac george.

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7 12 2010

a few posts ago I showed a MAC GEORGE layout from the shelved disney production WILD LIFE. here is some more, first MAC GEORGE’S designs of the sewer underworld. he started with broad shapes roughly sketched with pencil, then refining these ideas more and more with felt pen in dozens of new sheets of big size paper. the sketches he didn’t like were discarded everywhere in his small room. most of the time it was impossible to enter the room because of all the trashed paper everywhere. well, out of that chaos came some incredible artwork. sometimes I gave him sketches I had done like the studio-equipment, he went over it dozens of time until he was happy and finally they belonged to the stylistic WILD LIFE world. there are three more of my sketches, the zoo, central-square with the villain magda’s headquarter and two pieces of framed kitty-artwork in her apartment.

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2 12 2010

MAC GEORGE, one of the best layout artists I worked with, created this stunning panorama layout of KITTY’S loft apartment in disney’s shelved production WILD LIFE.

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b/w 1

14 02 2010

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25 04 2009





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15 03 2009

WILD LIFE was a disaster that happened at disney feature animation starting early 1999 and finally ended with a big BANG in 2001, when ROY DISNEY stopped the production. you can read a bit more about it in my book DREAM WORLDS, and in CHARLES SOLOMON’S book DISNEY LOST AND FOUND. maybe one day I will write some more about it in my memoirs…
here are some of my sketches –



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The Hidden History of Oz

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The Hidden History of Oz

Discover the Secrets of an Enchanted World is the best place for your personal blog or business site.