recreated animated treasures 2

24 01 2017

from disney’s SLEEPING BEAUTY two more recreated multiplane background pans. note in the second BG the perspective- and subtle color-change



© disney enterprises, inc

prisma + artisto

8 01 2017

usually I make phone calls and send messages with my phone. I was never a big fan of all the gimmicks offered in those fancy show-off-handys. until I accidentally came across two apps, available for free since june 2016 for android and iOS – PRISMA and ARTISTO. the ‘filter’-sets were created by russian programmer ALEXEY MOISEENKOV and became immediately a big hit in russia and eastern europe. you can read -here- how it works. most filters on the market change your original photo or painting only slightly, most of them have big problems to differentiate between lines and shapes. PRISMA and ARTISTO create stunning changed images and even video, in my opinion pure ART. the most stupid image turns into something interesting. most people probably use it for ‘selfles’, I think it is too good for that, you can create new ART, students should use it as a first step for a painting, to get ideas for posters or a different approach to illustration, or – even as a start for some very different ANIMATION.
I have my problems with it now – it is addictive!