comparison 4

31 07 2010

roughs and final look from disney’s BAMBI

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the left part of the combination is from the 1942 published book THE ART OF WALT DISNEY, by ROBERT D.FEILD, mc.millan company N.Y.


29 07 2010

from 1985 until 1991 I was one of the team-members who brought ALFRED J.KWAK alive. the others were HARALD SIEPERMANN and dutch entertainer HERMAN VAN VEEN. in some earlier posts I talked about the comic- and tv-series and how it happened. here now are some rare pieces, the first planned comic cover, some comic strip samples and calendar illustrations.

© harlekijn / herman van veen / harald siepermann / hans bacher

wilhelm m.busch 11

27 07 2010

WILHELM M.BUSCH illustrated GIACOMO CASANOVA’S MEMOIRS in 1965. the technique – ballpoint pen with watered black ink. little masterpieces!

© wilhelm m.busch / bertelsmann publishing


25 07 2010

the well known fairy tale of the hare and the hedgehog was first illustrated by GRANDVILLE, LUDWIG RICHTER and GUSTAV SUS in the 19th century. the BROTHERS DIEHL produced 1937 in their puppet animation studio in munic, germany, the ‘race between the hare and the hedgehog’, a 15 min animated jewel. in their characterdesign they were inspired by the earlier illustrated versions. like GEORGE PAL, the BROTHERS DIEHL had developed their own technique that allowed them to change facial expressions of their puppets.

in the late forties the hedgehog character became the mascot of a well known german radio-, later tv-magazine HOER ZU, the rights were acquired and in 1950 the drawing artist REINHOLD ESCHER started the first illustrations of the character for the magazine. soon the hedgehog character became a merchandise hit in germany and in september 1951 the first MECKI-adventure as a weekly comic strip was born, illustrated by ESCHER, who was supposed to draw these adventures for the next 25 years. he invented several new characters as MECKI’S companions, CHARLY PENGUIN and the always tired SCHRAT. ESCHER succeded over the years to create his own universe with these characters.

in 1958 a well known illustrator, PROFESSOR WILHELM PETERSEN, was added to the weekly comic-strip team and from then on until 1969 the two illustrators were delivering the stories alternating.

additional to the weekly comics a series of childrenbooks was produced, starting in 1952. REINHOLD ESCHER illustrated the first book, all the following 12 books were done by PETERSEN. in later years several illustrators have tried to follow what ESCHER and PETERSEN had started, but nobody succeeded. the taste of the younger audience had changed as well and they preferred other heroes. here is a selection of historic photographs, magazine covers and comic/book illustrations.

© axel springer publishing / hoer zu
© reinhold escher / prof.wilhelm petersen
© eckart sackmann / comicplus
© F + H. diehl

here is a link to the REINHOLD ESCHER website with hundreds of pictures

if someone is interested, the reprinted MECKI books as well as the comic strip collections of the years 1958 and 1959 are available through AMAZON-GERMANY


24 07 2010

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early bird

22 07 2010

the recreated backgrounds are from the 1942 MGM short THE EARLY BIRD DOOD IT. it was the second cartoon TEX AVERY directed at MGM, animated by IRV SPENCE, PRESTON BLAIR, ED LOVE and RAY ABRAMS.

it is very interesting to compare the backgrounds of the different studios around that time. the recreated pan below is from disney’s THE PRACTICAL PIG, released three years earlier in 1939. painted in the same watercolor technique typical for that time, the backgrounds reveal big differences in painting skills as well as in layout composition and more sophisticated camera moves. the entertainment value though is much higher in the AVERY-shorts ( in my opinion ).

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oh well…

21 07 2010

there are two reasons for this post – first – it is july 21 and I think it is about time to post some good drawings. second – I wanna give the ‘borrowers’, who never mention where they steal their posts from, a chance to borrow some more. the animation-drawing selection is from disney’s JUNGLE BOOK and THE SWORD IN THE STONE, the animator of course was MILT KAHL.

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