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3 04 2012

compiled from some of my favorite commercials these captured moments are meant to be for your inspiration in every visual aspect, especially composition and color.



20 08 2009

the following captured frames are from a commercial DICK PURDUM animated in the late eighties for the liverpool TATE gallery. during the whole length of thirty seconds the presenter talks about art and changes inclusive his surroundings in the style of the most famous painters of the last century, like chagall, matisse, picasso, grosz, warhol… it is a masterpiece!

tate gall.comp

© richard purdum animation/tate gallery liverpool


8 07 2009

in the late seventies RICHARD WILLIAMS opened next to RICHARD WILLIAMS ANIMATION in london soho square his second studio in los angeles. it was located corner barham/cahuenga. the first job the L.A. studio got was a 30 sec commercial for JOVAN and the j. walter thompson advertising agency. dick williams animated and inbetweened everything himself in six weeks, he only had help from an illustrator, REBECCA MILLS, who painted the backgrounds, in oil. the animation was done straight on cels with a black grease pencil. the advertising agency had bought the rights for a FRAZETTA painting of a prehistoric conan-like muscle guy with a sword on top of a mountain. they wanted to use that poster for their campaign and first thought of arnold schwarzenegger and a live action version for the commercial, until dick convinced them he could do it in the frazetta-style in animation. every other studio would have been proud just to have that character animated climbing up the cliff. in dick’s version additional to the climbing the whole background is animated with a camera constantly flying around the character with lightning effects and additional flying prehistoric creatures. it is a masterpiece, probably the most stunning animation I have seen. in the fall 1978 issue of MIKE BARRIER’S FUNNYWORLD # 19 is an interview with richard williams where he talks in detail about the making of this commercial. following are some captured images to give you an idea.

williams jovan comm


williams still23

© frank frazetta
© richard williams
© thompson + jovan

fischerkoesen 2

19 04 2009

last year in nov. I had a post about WEATHER-BEATEN MELODY, or VERWITTERTE MELODY, that the FISCHERKOESEN animationstudio near bonn in germany in the forties produced. here now are some scenes from advertising commercials the same studio did in the fifties.


© fischerkoesen


12 02 2009

I am trying to save all my very old vhs-tape-archives on DVD’s. a lot is lost already, tapes older than 20 years don’t look that good anymore. and my vhs-archives goes back to 1979. from some pretty old U.S. animated commercial-compilations of the fifties and sixties I selected some screen captures, just because I like the character design and the animation. some of it might be ART BABBIT’S…



23 01 2009

years ago richard williams gave me a collection of animated commercials from the sixties, all animated by ART BABBITT for JOHN HUBLEY. I love the animation, the character design and different styles. here are some scenes…


The Hidden History of Oz

Discover the Secrets of an Enchanted World is the best place for your personal blog or business site.

The Hidden History of Oz

Discover the Secrets of an Enchanted World is the best place for your personal blog or business site.