wilhelm m.busch 14

31 10 2010

the famous french writer EMILE ZOLA wrote a twenty-volume series – LES ROUGON-MACQUART, L’ASSOMMOIR was the seventh novel published 1877. with merciless detail ZOLA creates an overwhelming dark painting and an uncompromising study of alcoholism and poverty in the working-class districts of paris in the late 1900s. the title refers to a shop selling cheap liquor distilled on the premises. there is no english translation for this title, that’s why several related titles like THE GIN PALACE, THE DRUNKARD or even in german DER TOTSCHLAEGER ( the killer ) were published. the following masterfull illustrations are from WILHELM M.BUSCH, published 1975 in the BERTELSMANN edition, ballpoint pen on paper.

© wilhelm m.busch / bertelsmann reinhard mohn verlag


the stranger

30 10 2010

THE STRANGER, released may 25, 1946, is a visually very interesting film, full with stunning camera-angles, very effective use of light/shadow and just masterpiece picture compositions. directed by ORSON WELLES, cinematography by RUSSELL METTY and music by BROWNISLAW KAPER, it stars ORSON WELLES ( franz kindler/professor charles rankin ), EDWARD G.ROBINSON ( mr. wilson ) and LORETTA YOUNG ( mary longstreet rankin ).

a short synopsis – mr.wilson, a united nations nazi hunter, is on the trail of franz kindler, mastermind of the holocaust, who has taken on a new identity as a professor in harper, connecticut and marrying mary longstreet. wilson releases kindler’s former compatriot meinike and follows him to harper, where he is killed before he can identify kindler. now wilson’s only clue is kindler’s fascination with antique clocks.

© RKO pictures

farmyard symphony 1

27 10 2010

the following recreated longer pans are from disney’s 1938 released SILLY SYMPHONY – FARMYARD SYMPHONY. I am sure you will understand why this beautiful little film is one of my favorites, when you study the backgrounds. they are simple, clear designed, no overloaded detail and like most films at that time beautifully painted in faded watercolors. like, what I thought MULAN should look like – POETIC.

© disney enterprises, inc


22 10 2010

on my second blog – twelvefield –, I started to post a new series of 3-dimensional photos from my collection, so-called ANAGLYPHS. you need blue/red glasses, the blue on the right eye, to see them right. over thirty years ago I started to take 3-D photos, improvised – only with one camera. in that case you take the 2 necessary pictures with the same camera, moving sideways between eye-distance and more than 30 meters. eye-distance, in case there is a lot of foreground and you use a wide-angle-lens, a bigger distance the bigger your tele-lens is. out of an airplane for example you cover a huge distance taking the second picture after 10 sec. important is that you choose the same center in your 2 pictures. for my early 3-D photos I used colorslide-film and looked at them through a modified VIEWMASTER-viewer. since I changed from film to digital photography I could not use that viewing method, until I found out only recently about ANAGLYPHS. in that case you manipulate your 2 photos in PHOTOSHOP and create a blue/red combined picture. with blue/red glasses it is possible to see these pictures on your computerscreen in full 3-dimension. in case someone is interested in this technique I will explain more in detail. it is a fun way to store your memories in 3-D and probably soon an affordable technique will be available to watch them even without glasses on your tv-screen. below you can see one sample picture, more on – twelvefield-.

© bilderfabrik

storyboard 1

21 10 2010

below a storyboard example for a part of BALTO, drawn by DAAN JIPPES and SIMON WELLS in 1993.


The Hidden History of Oz

Discover the Secrets of an Enchanted World


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The Hidden History of Oz

Discover the Secrets of an Enchanted World


WordPress.com is the best place for your personal blog or business site.