cartoonist profiles

2 08 2016

in the seventies I had a chance to get some issues of the animation/comic strip magazine CARTOONIST PROFILES. here are some rare pictures from the magazine, a groupshot of some of the top animation staff of the MGM TEX AVERY TEAM, especially legendary KEN MUSE and PRESTON BLAIR, as well as 2 amazing caricatures created by RICHARD WILLIAMSMILT KAHL and GRIM NATWICK.

historic animators MGM


2grim natwick

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disney legends 1

15 12 2010

just right for the christmas time I start a new series of posts – the DISNEY LEGENDS. ‘legends’ because a lot of these artists worked on the legendary animation-masterpieces starting with SNOW WHITE AND THE SEVEN DWARFS and a bit longer after WALT DISNEY’S death in 1966. I have quite a big collection of production-photographs from magazine and book publications, very interesting remnants of a nearly forgotten time. not too many of the artists from those days are still alive and probably most of you haven’t even heard of some of the names I added in the photographs.

a lot of critics accused walt disney that he was keeping his artists in his shadow. but when I looked through the publication-photo-folders in the disney archives I found it remarkable how many pictures were officially taken by a studio photographer during the production of all these movies, pictures of all different stages and in all departments, of all the artists, even a lot in the ink+paint department. only a few of them have ever been published, but at least they exist. well, during all my years working in the studio I can only remember one occasion before the release of MULAN when publicity pictures were taken of some of the artists, pictures where we had to stage some faked presentation. but there was never anybody around to document our work in our thousands of meetings or to look over the shoulders in our rooms/cubicles.

look at the footage in the background of the recent documentary of WAKING SLEEPING BEAUTY. most of it is amateur-film-material, except when there were major voice-acting stars in the studio, or a documentary team came in from the outside. interesting, isn’t it? no wonder that the WAKING SLEEPING BEAUTY documentary is just about the clash of the titans, they were on camera whenever possible. that small powerful group made the public believe that they were the heart of the studio, – who would want to witness the boring artistic struggle to create the artwork that kept them in their positions. in my series there will not be anything from recent years, i want to concentrate on the REAL ‘GOLDEN ERA’ of animation, the time and its images that made me want to work in animation and that is now once and forever history.

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waking sleeping beauty DVD

30 11 2010

release date on DVD november 30, 2010

this is a DISNEY-press release –

WAKING SLEEPING BEAUTY is no fairy tale. it’s a true story about the renaissance that took place between 1984 and 1994 at the fabled WALT DISNEY ANIMATION STUDIOS and how DISNEY animation regained its magic with a staggering output of hits including THE LITTLE MERMAID, BEAUTY AND THE BEAST, ALADDIN, THE LION KING and more. available on DVD november 30 from BUENA VISTA HOME ENTERTAINMENT, the 86-minute documentary features the people who were actually there — MICHAEL EISNER, JEFFREY KATZENBERG, ROY E.DISNEY, JOHN LASSETER and others. directed by DON HAHN, who produced some of the period’s biggest hits, and produced by PETER SCHNEIDER, who led the animation group during this amazing period and later became studio chairman, WAKING SLEEPING BEAUTY gives viewers an unprecedented look at the conflict, drama and tension that ushered in a decade of unparalleled disney creativity.

after WALT’S death, without his hands-on supervision, by the mid-1980’s the DISNEY animation division had fallen on hard times. the artists were polarized between newcomers hungry to innovate and old timers not yet ready to relinquish control. these conditions produced a series of box-office flops and pessimistic forecasts that led everyone to wonder if the best days of animation were over. HAHN and SCHNEIDER provide a fascinating and candid perspective of what happened in the creative ranks as MICHAEL EISNER, JEFFREY KATZENBERG and the late ROY E.DISNEY (WALT’S nephew) worked to breathe new life into the company. HAHN and
SCHNEIDER bring insider knowledge, and offer refreshing candor and humorous anecdotes in describing ego battles, cost overruns and failed experiments, set against dynamic tensions with top leadership.

director DON HAHN puts several memorable samples on display and marshals a vast array of interviews, home movies, internal memos and unseen footage.
bonus features:
– why wake sleeping beauty? overview featurette
– deleted scenes
– black friday
– losing howard
– recording ‘part of your world’
– research trips
– to Sir with love
– the sailor, the mountain climber, the artist and the poet – Celebrating Roy Disney, Frank Wells, Joe Ranft and Howard Ashman
– studio tours – personal video footage from animator RANDY CARTWRIGHT documenting the animation studio in 1980, 1983 and 1990
– a reunion – ROB MINKOFF and KIRK WISE
– WALT – what would WALT do? a comparison of WALT’S era and the current era
– audio commentary – view the film with commentary by director DON HAHN and producer PETER SCHNEIDER

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lost treasures

4 05 2010

a while ago I started with the layouts of another book project, LOST TREASURES. below you can see the first 54 pages ( as double-pages ). the plan was to showcase all my recreated backgrounds from the ‘golden years’ of traditional animation, and from all the major feature films and shorts from that time. I am not sure if it ever will be finished, but it is fun to plan the whole thing.

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11 04 2010

and the last captured moments from my documentary video during the production of BALTO in the london AMBLIMATION studio.



10 04 2010

BALTO went into full production in 1993 in STEVEN SPIELBERG’S london animation studio. and there was a change in leadership, SIMON WELLS became the sole director of the film. below is the second part of the captured moments from my video documentary during that time.



9 04 2010

recently I looked through my historic video archives and found some 16 hours of documentary stuff i had shot on hi-8 video during the years 1992 to 1994 in london, duesseldorf and finland. in a way this is my ‘WAKING SLEEPING BEAUTY’ version of DREAMWORKS, what was at that time AMBLIMATION, located in london, acton town. I was allowed to shoot my personal video throughout the whole studio during the production of BALTO, in meetings, fun-events and reference trips ( to finland above the arctic circle, to study huskies and sled racing in deep snow ). nobody has ever seen this footage, so this is really a historic event. there hasn’t been any documentation about these few years of steven spielberg’s animated feature film production in london. for me it was a very good experience to work with incredible artists from all over europe. most of them moved in 1995 to L.A. and became the core group of DREAMWORKS feature animation. the pictures shown here are frame-grabs from the transferred hi-8 footage to digital then to dvd.