midnight 18

31 10 2015

midnight 18

# 1.000

30 10 2015


this is post 1.000. you might need to take some time off to look at them all…
the adventure began 7 years ago, september 2008. I planned this blog as a mixture of some of my own work together with pieces from my animation archives. but over the years and with the start of my teaching in singapore I added more and more, my favorite illustrators, classical art reference and studies based on the experience with my students. the next thousand chapters are already planned – kind of


composition studies 1

29 10 2015


disney in space 1

28 10 2015

style header

below are compilations of for disney standards very stylized scenes from three specials produced for the DISNEYLAND TV-series – march 1955 MAN IN SPACE, dec.1955 MAN AND THE MOON, and april 1957 MARS AND BEYOND. they were all directed by WARD KIMBALL, you can see the other credits in the first comp. the prophetic and as we know now pretty accurate view of space exploration was explained by the scientists PROF.HEINZ HABER and WERNHER VON BRAUN. I will have more soon, scenes from the cartoony segments of the shows.

man in space+ 0
man in space+ 1
man in space+ 2
man in space+ 3
man in space+ 4
man in space+ 5
man in space+ 6

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Coppélia 2

27 10 2015

coppelia 2

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hello ween

26 10 2015

hello ween 15